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Nagareyama city is in the northwest of Chiba prefecture, with plenty of greenery and old-fashioned streets, as well as convenient shops. The city also puts forth strong support for child-rearing.

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Nagareyama city is in the northwest of Chiba prefecture. To the east is Kashiwa, and to the west is the Edo river, and across that, Saitama prefecture. From Nagareyama, you can get to Tokyo in about 20 minutes, and there is still a lot of green in Nagareyama, so it is sometimes called the closest forest to Tokyo. There are even areas that retain an old Japanese-style feel and there is plenty to see. Around the station is the shopping building Otaka no Mori, with many convenient shops. The city has put effort into supporting dual-income families, so it is a nice place to raise kids.

Things to see

Nagareyama has many events throughout the seasons. In spring, there is the Nanohana Festival; in summer, the Nagareyama fireworks festival; autumn has the Nagareyama citizen's festival, and winter has the Jingara rice cake event. The Jingara rice cake event is where shirtless men fight over a very large rice cake. Other things to see in Nagareyama include the Ungamizube Park, going along the Tone river. In the spring, the cherry trees bloom along the riverside. In Nagareyama honcho, along the Edo river, there are old warehouses where they used to make mirin in the Meiji period, and the town has a very traditional feel to it. There are galleries, cafes, and restaurants in these old buildings too.


Nagareyama has good access to Tokyo, and you can get from Minami-Nagareyama to Akihabara in 20 minutes, making it perfect for commuting for school are work. Development is springing up around Morishita station, such as in the form of the Otaka no Mori shopping center, with clothing stores, restaurants, electronics, book store, movie theater, and more. Nagareyama has promoted Nagareyama City as the perfect place to be a mother, putting forth effort into supporting childcare. There is even a childcare bus service at the station, that will take children to their daycare and back. It's an easy place to raise a family.