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The Karasumaru Oike area lies approximately in the center of Kyoto City, in Nakagyo ward. The main station of Karasumaru Oike is connected to the Karasumaru line and the Tozai line, and over 40,000 people use these lines every day, putting it in the top 5 busiest stations in Kyoto. Among the streets running nearby are Oike, Karasumaru, Horikawa, Kawaramachi, and Shijo streets, and nearby are municipal offices, financial institutions, schools, and businesses. Along Horikawa street you can see the famous Nijo castle, the symbol of the town. There are also two college campuses: Doshisha University and Bukkyo University. Explore Kiyamachi, Gion, and Nishiki Koji areas to experience the great food culture of Kyoto. Also, don't forget the awe-inspiring temples, shrines, and other landmarks of Kyoto.

Things to see

The area around Karasumaru Oike has many places to see art, and several buildings of historical importance. One place of interest is the Kyoto International Manga Museum, built in an old elementary school, where you can leisurely read manga in the museum or the gardens. Go west to find Nijo castle. Many locals use the circumference as a jogging course. Go east and you will find the Kyoto city hall. On the city hall grounds there are often flea markets and the lively Yosakoi festival, the largest in the Kansai region. There are also many places to eat and drink along the Takase and Kamo rivers. There are also plenty of museum galleries, the Inoda Coffee main store, Iyemon Salon, Le Petitmec cafe and bakery, and more. If you leave the larger roads and take some smaller paths, you will find even more things to do, see, and enjoy.


This area is well-served by the subways and buses. You can also get around easily by bicycle. Boasting the largest shopping area in Kyoto, you can find many unique shops here. As more apartment buildings go up, the population has been recovering, and more families are being raised here. There are many places here that exist to bring the community together. It has a good balance of being lively and convenient on the main roads, and relaxed and easy-to-live just outside of them.

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