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Saitama is often thought of derisively by people in Tokyo, but there are many famous places within. In Chichibu in the west, there is the summer festival for moss pink flowers, the Nagatoro river, Sayama tea and indoor skiing, Irima outlet, and there is plenty to enjoy as the seasons change. Chichibu and Nagatoro aren't easy places to access, but much beautiful nature is preserved there. Saitama is also home to the Seibu Lions professional baseball team in Tokorozawa, and their stadium is often used for huge music concerts by popular artists. Also, Kawagoe is known as "Little Edo", a town preserved from the Edo period. Kumagaya in the north also has summer festivals and is famous for a big outdoor activity park, and Kumagaya and Honjo-Waseda stations are Shinkansen stops. The east has Koshigaya Lake Town shopping mall, the largest in Saitama. In the south there is the capital of Saitama City, and Saitama also has Saitama Super Arena, also home to huge musical concerts by artists Japanese and foreign, and huge sports events.

Places to see

Chichibu is known for its beautiful moss pink flowers. It is also very beautiful in the fall with autumn colors. If you can get there and avoid the rush during peak times, it's lovely. Kawagoe is also recommended if you want a traditional historical Japanese experience different from that of Asakusa or Kyoto. It's easily accessed by train.


Saitama is a bedroom town for Tokyo of sorts, with many families living there who then go to work or school in Tokyo. Despite an overall trend of falling birthrates in Japan, Saitama seems to be holding steady, or even increasing. Saitama has a lot of cars and highways too, so extra care needs to be taken when driving or biking to avoid accidents. Many people drive to Omiya to take care of shopping.

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