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Yokohama Subway-Blue line

The Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line runs from Shonandai station in Fujisawa, Kanagawa to Azamino station in Aoba ward Yokohama city, covering 32 stations.


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Railway Overview

The Blue line has a lot of stations for a subway line. It is divided into two segments, 1 and 3, and these services were put into place during the 2002 World Cup, which Japan co-hosted. Ridership is high at main hub stations Yokohama, Kannai, Sakuragicho, and Shin-Yokohama, and the line passes through the Yokohama metropolis as well as residential areas. Currently the last station is Azamino, but there is a plan to extend it to Shin-Yurigaoka station, which will increase convenience. Over 500,000 people use the line every day, and is used by residents of Yokohama and Fujisawa. It also has good access to travel spots in the Shonan area.

Places to see

The Blue line is made up of 32 stations, boasting many of the hub stations in Kanagawa prefecture, so there are many things to see. Right near Kannai station is the Yamashita park and Yokohama stadium, where the Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars pro baseball team plays. It is a good place to go if you are a baseball fan. It is in the middle of the city so it has good access for other things to do.
Sakuragicho station is right in the heart of Yokohama city, so there is Minato Mirai 21, as well as the Yokohama Anpanman Children's Museum and mall.


The Blue Line runs not only through Yokohama city but to residential areas as well, making it convenient overall. If you live in the city part, rent prices will be higher, but you will have more access to shopping, theme parks, and more. On the north and south side rents are comparatively cheaper, with convenient supermarkets nearby, as well as drug stores, 100 yen shops, and other conveniences, especially if you have a car. The Shonan area is also nearby for beaches or surfing. On the Blue Line you can get to Yokohama station and then take the bullet train if you need to head off to further areas for business or travel.
It is a recommended line if you want to live the Yokohama lifestyle.

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