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Oak Explorers: Mitakadai

Oak Explorers: Mitakadai

The new Gran Mitaka is near Mitakadai station on the Keio Inokashira line! The area around the station does not have any tall buildings, and the house is in a quiet neighborhood, but just what kind of place is this? Oakhouse staff went exploring to find out!

3 minutes to Kichijoji, 21 to Shibuya: easy access throughout Tokyo
The closest station is Mitakadai station on the Keio Inokashira line. With no transfers, you can easily get to Kichijoji, Shibuya, and Shimo-Kitazawa. Along the way from the station to the Gran Mitakadai house are a grocery store, pharmacy, post office, police box, convenience store, bank, dry cleaners, and many other shops useful and convenient for your daily life. There are also lots of plants and trees around, and the house is in a quiet residential area.
Why not live amongst the green in a relaxed place close to the city center?

Mitakadai station, Keio Inokashira line

Ramen shop right outside the station

Popular greengrocer right next to the station
The first thing you might see when you exit the station might be this nice greengrocer, which has been a local staple for a long time.
The staff is really friendly and approachable, and we overhead many nice conversations.

Also, and this is of course the best part: really low prices! We bought fruit here. (As you know, fruit in Japan can be expensive!)
(And of course, need to stock up on vegetables for dinner...)

Lots of delicious looking fruit!

Harada greengrocer
Address: Tokyo, Mitaka city, Inokashira 2-5-1

Supermarket right outside the station

If you'd rather not make rounds to all the little shops to get your shopping done, fear not: there is a supermarket just a minute's walk from the station.
Odakyu OX has a more upscale feeling. Get here toward evening and you can find bento and other pre-prepared things for half-off!

Lots and lots of things to buy at Odakyu OX, just a minute from the station

Odakyu OX Mitakadai store
Odakyu OX Mitakadai store

Take a snack to Inokashira Park

Buy here and take to Inokashira park

Everything looks so good it's hard to choose...!

Close to the station we found this small bakery. Enticed by the smell, we couldn't help but peek inside. There are so many different types for such a small store!
The staff is friendly and can provide recommendations. You'll want to try them all!

Tokyo, Mitaka city, Inokashi 1-30-22, Aoyama 1F

Coffee break at a nice little cafe

This cafe is outside the north exit of Mitakadai station. It may look like a normal cafe at first, but take a look on the second floor... wow! What a nice place! Also, this place has a rooftop terrace! We had a lovely and memorable coffee break. We hope you will too!

Perfect for a date too maybe?

Everything looks so nice

Ogawa Cafe
Tokyo, Mitaka city, Inokashira 1-32-3 2F

Enjoy beautiful green nature in the park

Just a 5-minute walk south from Kichojoji station, you will find Inokashira Park. By bike, you can get here from Gran Mitakada in about 10 minutes. Perfect for a morning running course!
Inokashira park is a popular date spot too, and since we were here on a Saturday, there were many market stalls out too.
From handmade crafts to other goods, there was so much to discover. And the Ghibli museum is close by, too! We even saw a rare sight in modern Tokyo: someone was doing a kamishibai story-telling performance, and people were gathered around. What a great way to spend an afternoon, amongst the green trees, enjoying a coffee, some bread, and listening to the laughter and voices around you!

Summertime treats: kakigori shaved ice, too!

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