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30 houses with 1012rooms in Kichijoji - Tachikawa - Koganei - Machida


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Share House Average ¥51,777
Apartment Average ¥77,312

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▼Kichijoji / Tachikawa / Koganei / Machida areas

These are all popular Tokyo bedroom towns, with their own individual atmosphere.

▼Area around Kichijoji station

Around Kichijoji station are many large shopping buildings, such as Coppice, Kirarina, Atre, and other popular spots. There is also the beautiful Inokashira park nearby.Kichijoji is home to many authors, and has many nice cafes, some with themes.

▼Area around Tachikawa station

Department stores Lumine and Isetan can be found near Tachikawa station. It is also home to one of the few Ikea stores in Japan.Many people take their families to nearby Showa Park. In the summer people can enjoy swimming or barbecue.The Chuo, Nambu, and Ome lines run through Tachikawa station as well as the Tama monorail, giving access to many places such as Yamanashi, Tokyo, Kawasaki, and Tama.

▼Area around Musashi Koganei station

Musashi-Koganei station is near the center of the Tama area.There are convenient supermarkets around the station, and many people can be found shopping in the other market streets.There is an arts university nearby, so the area has many students who often go to the many ramen restaurants. If you like ramen, this could be a great place to explore.

▼Area around Machida station

There are large department stores near Machida station such as 109, Lumine, and Marui, which attract young shoppers.From Machida station you can transfer to the Odakyu or Yokohama lines. This gives you access to Tokyo, Odawara, Enoshima, Yokohama, Hachioji, and more.There are many izakayas near Machida station, and places you can enjoy yakitori and other Japanese food, as well as sake.