Gran Takarazuka(Osaka)

Final Edition

A share house with 36 rooms, in units sharable by 4 people

Hibarigaoka-Hanayashiki on the Hankyu Takarazuka line is well-known as a quiet and high-class residential neighborhood. A 5-minute walk from the station you can find Gran Takarazuka. There are no tall buildings around, which means you get nice sunlight. A small river flows behind the house, and if you listen closely you may hear the pleasant sound of wind rustling through tree leaves. Live in a quiet residential area surrounded by nature.

Great sunlight in the room

36 rooms, 4-person sharing
At Gran Takarazuka, there are units in which 4 rooms share a kitchen, lounge, shower, and bathroom. This building used to be a company dormitory for a large company, and there are 9 4LDK units, as it was originally meant for families. But now, you can enjoy a more cozy share house experience, maintaining your privacy while also having some sense of social exchange. Elsewhere in the house there is a mini-lounge and theater so you can get to know people from other units easily.

Type A lounge

Type B lounge

Type C lounge

There are 3 types of lounge at Gran Takarazuka. All the kitchens have been remodeled, with spacious work space and 3-burner induction heat stoves. It will surely be easy and fun to cook with your housemates. The kitchen comes outfitted with a microwave, rice cooker, toaster, electric kettle, dishes, cutlery, and more.

New system kitchen

Lots of space to store and easily reach pots and pans

Nice bathrooms
The water works you will share as 4 people are also well-equipped, with sinks and shower rooms newly remodeled.
There is also a washing machine.

Spacious sink space

New and clean shower (with a seat too)

Washlet toilet

A green town
The Hibarigaoka-Hanayashiki area was developed over 100 years ago. It's a small station, and there are no giant buildings or bustling markets, but there are convenience stores, small food stores, and even a city hall office. Most of the houses are surrounded by well-trimmed bushes, and Gran Takarazuka is much the same, with Japanese maple trees, a small river, great sunlight, and other natural pleasantries.

Lots of plants around the house

Lots of residences

Access to Umeda, Osaka, Takarazuka, Osaka Airport
You can get to Umeda / Osaka in 20 minutes from Hibarigaoka-Hanayashiki, and there you can buy almost anything you need. There are also schools and offices. From Umeda in Osaka, you can also get to popular tourist spots like Shinsaibashi, Nanba, and Universal Studios Japan. Or, head to other Kansai favorites like Kyoto or Kobe. If you like nature, take a stroll around Takarazuka city, for hiking trails, waterfalls, and more. Or, head to Osaka Airport in just 25 minutes by train to get to elsewhere in Japan.

Answering real questions about Gran Takarazuka

Q. Where is the closest supermarket?
A. Unfortunately there is no big supermarket near the closest station, Hibarigaoka-Hanayashiki. However, if you go to the next station, Kawanishi Noseguchi, you can find a Hankyu department store and much more. It's just a 2-minute train ride, or 20-minute walk.

Q. I'm a little nervous about moving into a 4-person unit if 3 people are already living there.
A. Everyone's a little nervouse at first, but everyone moved in to a share house because they're interested in being social, so you could try reaching out and saying hello! You will meet all sorts of people, and we hope you'll have a fun 4-person shared lifestyle.

Editor's notes

So what do you think of the house? A quiet residential area surrounded by nature, with great access to Osaka, Kobe, and more... what's not to like at Gran Takarazuka? Plus, there's no key money, gift money, or guarantor required, and the rooms are fully furnished. We hope to hold many events here and make a fun house to live in. Apply now!