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Oak Explorers: Aobadai

Oak Explorers: Aobadai

Our new Social Residence along the popular Tokyu Den-en-toshi line is opening in Aobadai! It has veranda with a nice view, large bath, studio, and other great shared facilities, but what about the area itself? You can have lunch at nice places and see out over the city! The Oak Explorers found much to discover!

To Shibuya in 30 minutes, no transfers!

An express stop too!
The closest station is Aobadai station on the Den-en-toshi line. It's also an express stop. You can get to Shibuya in just 30 minutes with no transfers. From the bus terminal you can get to Ichigao station and Yokohama metro Nakayama station, among other destinations. There's always lots of people and cars along the big road, day or night. The station is also home to Tokyu Square, with a drug store, fashion shops, other goods, nail salon, cafe, restaurant, and more! Being able to go other places is a plus, but there's plenty to make you want to stay around here too. Even if you miss your last train home from Shibuya, don't worry: there is a late-night bus that goes to Aobadai station even around 1 AM! It's rare to have this great combination of good access and good location.

Tokyu Den-en-toshi line Aobadai station north exit

Major road with lots of shops


An Italian restaurant that has been covered by various media
We found a nice place just a 5-minute walk from the station along the major road. We were enticed by the mood of the exterior, and when we went in, we saw the bright white interior, with a brick pizza oven behind the counter. We had the lunch course: appetizer, main, and dessert. The creamy porcini tagliatelle was delicious! We all shared our pizza and pasta. It's a spacious place so you could even have a big group here, or just come on dates too. In the summer they open the terrace. It's a popular place so you may want to make a reservation!

Beautiful white

Appetizer, potage

Porcini tagliatelle

So good!

Kanagawa, Yokohama, Aoba, Aobadai 2-11-23

Moegino Park & Moegino Fureai no Jurin

A relaxing park by the water
Full from our lunch, we headed toward the park to walk it off. Aobadai has comparatively large parks. There are streams and ponds etc. in this park, and it was fun to watch the birds on the water. It was a nice stroll by the water's edge.

Moegino Park

Fun times

Oak Explorer trick shot!

Off to the left is the Moegino fureai no jurin forest

Nearby is the Moegino Fureai no Jurin, a small forest with a hiking course. It's the perfect spot to get away from the bustling station town area. The bamboo tunnel makes you feel like you're in the bamboo forest of western Kyoto, taking a trip through time and nature. It was cloudy that day unfortunately, but we're sure it would be beautiful to see the sunbeams peeking through.

A trail through the woods

Overlooking the town

Listening to the rustling of bamboo leaves

Moegino Park
Kanagawa Yokohama, Aoba, Moegino7-1
URL:Moegino Park

Moegino Fureai no Jurin
Kanagawa, Yokohama, Aoba, Moegino 17
URL:Moegino Fureai no Jurin


Popular cakes and chocolate
There are lots of shops that have seen exposure in various media in Aobadai, and one of them is PUISSANCE. They have not only cakes, but other baked sweets and chocolate, all lined up beautifully in their showcase. Perfect if you have a sweet tooth, like many of our Oak Explorers. The interior had so many nice details, and it's a nice space.

Gorgeous sweets!

Tons of sweet flavor packed in each one!

Kanagawa, Yokohama, Aoba, Mitakedai 31-29


Art and camera service
After buying cakes at PUISSANCE, we found a cool place next door. To sum up: cameras, cameras, cameras! And all film cameras to boot. Some of our explorers are really into film cameras, and the staff was nice enough to let us handle some of them, even the twin-lens reflex cameras. Isn't it a great feeling, clicking that shutter? Just holding these makes you feel like a professional photographer! This shop also displays lots of art, and they repair and lease cameras too.
In addition to cameras, they also have accessories and more.

Canons with the old logo!

You just can't beat that old shutter sound!

Cool and heavy twin-lens reflex camera

Cute accessories!

Kanagawa, Yokohama, Aoba, Mitakedai 31-28

Tachibanadai Park

Come here if you want a breathtaking view!
This park is a 15-minute walk from Social Residence Aobadai, and is a large park uptown. We had been so excited about the cameras that we'd almost forgotten we'd bought cakes, so we found a bench to sit down and eat them. We were silent... they were too good to even speak...
There were many children playing in this park. They must love to come here after school to play. There's plenty of playground equipment and benches. But that's not all: there's also a place from which to see out over then entire town! It was an unforgettable sunset. It probably looks awesome even at night too!

Two play areas

Gotta instagram those cakes

Watching the dusk. I wonder what we're all thinking...

Tachibanadai Park
Kanagawa, Yokohama, Aoba, Tachibanadai 1-4-2
URL:Tachibanadai Park

Hamburg Factory

Juicy hamburger steaks!
We found a great way to end our day: juicy, stone-grilled hamburger steaks at Hamburg Factory. The waiters will even cut it at your table for you. They have many sauces such as demi-glace, onion, wasabi-soy sauce, and more. We got there as soon as they opened and they were already full in just minutes. When a restaurant is this packed on a weekday, that's a good sign! It's pretty big inside, so come with your house mates!

Look for the orange sign!

Juicy hamburger steak

Can't help but smile... bon apetit!

Hamburg Factory
Kanagawa, Yokohama, Aoba, Tachibanadai 1-2-2
URL:Hamburg Factory

Editor's notes

So, what do you think of Aobadai? To reiterate, the station is an express stop and there's great access to other places by train or bus. There's lots of shopping and food around the station. And just a short walk away are relaxing parks where you can be with nature. Social Residence Aobadai itself is full of great facilities like the lounge and theater room and bath, but there's also a great balance with the convenience of the town itself. Come try out a new lifestyle!

A great time in Aobadai