Social Residence Aobadai [Library Edition]



Library edition

Social Residence Aobadai library space complete!

A more relaxing library space

Another favorite place
A new library space has opened on the 3rd floor of Social Residence Aobadai. In addition to the 2nd floor kitchen lounge and the lounge space on the 3rd floor, now there is a library space as well, with a desk area so you can work or study, and a library space to relax and read. It also gets great sunlight, so we're sure you'll enjoy reading here!

A place to relax, and be productive

Productive workspace

A productive change of pace
Sometimes, you don't want to have to do everything in your room. You might want a change of space in order for new ideas to emerge. When other people are working or studying alongside you, it can be a real motivation. With 3 desk spaces, you can do work or study at your own pace.

Desk space, like an architecture's office!

The bookshelf is stocked with many kinds of books, as well as decorations, for a relaxing, at-home work experience.

Plants and flowers beside the books

Balcony by the library

Tea time
When you've made process in your study or work, why not take a tea break? There is a small kitchen with a kettle so you can make tea or coffee anytime. Plus, there is a balcony off the library space, so if you work until sundown, you can take a short break to watch the sun set. You can stand out there or use the deck chairs if you like. It's easy to be productive with these nice, beautiful little moments!

Great spot to watch the sunset!

Electric kettle and microwave in the library

Comfy chairs

Maybe you could have a book club, discussing your favorite books or reading passages in these comfy sofas! The side table has a cute little cactus, too.

Also: limited furnished single rooms now open!

Limited special rooms!
We have also made a few specially-furnished single rooms available!
The room comes with additional furnishings of a rug, small sofa, mini-table, table lamp, and large closet. Of course it comes with the usual bed, wash basin, refrigerator, and air conditioner.

Accent of a green chair against white walls

1-person sofa, for easy relaxing!

Editor's notes

Upgraded Social Residence Aobadai!
So, what do you think of our powered-up house?
With a new library space and extra furnished rooms, we hope you can find a wonderful daily life. Feel free to reach out to us!