Final Edition

A mid-sized share house with a Japanese bath and more! 23 minutes to Akihabara!

Japanese bath! Social office! Training room! Theater room!

Social Residence Minami Nagareyama is just 23 minutes from Akihabara on the Tsukuba Express line, and from the JR Musashino line you can get to many other places. Minami Nagareyama is a bedroom community outside metropolitan Tokyo, with plenty of local conveniences as a view of the Edo river. Here you can live, play, learn, and enjoy! You will feel right at home with everything SR Minami Nagareyama has to offer.

Relaxing and spacious lounge

A large, relaxing bath

Spread out in the large Japanese bath

A luxurious dip in the bath

Large Japanese baths really make a share house stand out from the others! The bath is on a rotating schedule so men and women can use it at different times. You can use it from 6 AM to 2 AM. It is perfect for relaxing after a long day. The public bath is a nice way to talk to other housemates- trust us! There are also separate washing and changing areas.

Water always flowing!

Large changing area

For a relaxing experience

Unit bath

There are 3 unit baths at SR Minami Nagareyama. Sometimes you just want to soak in the bath by yourself without any worries at all. And you can use it any time. This feature gets high marks from our women residents.

Stretching after the bath

Yoga mats available

Get in some yoga before heading off to work or school, or stretch after getting out of the bath. This spacious training room is right next to the lounge so you have plenty of space to move your body.

Large mirror so you can check your form

And plenty of other great facilities!

Social office

Theater room

Smoking room

With 69 single rooms, there are plenty of other facilities at SR Minami Nagareyama for everyone to enjoy, even more than the Japanese bath and training room. Remote freelancers and students love getting work done in our study room. You can also take in a movie in the theater room. Or, see the sky and the trees from the rooftop space. Or take a break in the smoking room. Our community here has many exchange students learning Japanese so the residents enjoy having many facilities where they can spend time together.

A positive community!

Sofa in the lounge

Festive lounge

A quieter space if you want to do some desk work

"The Monday Drinks Club"??

Currently at SR Minami Nagareyama there is a social group that call themselves the "Monday Drinks Club". Everyone is welcome! They mostly just hang out and talk, like at a local bar. Relax with a drink, enjoy people's cooking or cook for them... seriously, the theme changes constantly can be whatever!
There is an open kitchen and lounge, and dining table, social space, and ice machine.

The group LINE chat for the Monday Drinks Club

The notice board. This time is advertising the beer garden event at the house!

The residents also work together to put on various events throughout the year, such as rooftop beer gardens. Unfortunately it was raining the day we went to take photos so it is difficult to show how nice the view is of the Edo river on a clear day. You can also see the Edo River fireworks summer festival from here. Come check it out on a sunny day!

Storage space, a desk, and refrigerator

Spacious 12.96㎡

Storage under the bed too

A closet that can fit a suitcase

A desk and a refrigerator for more comfort

Let's take a look at a model room. There is an AC, single bed, desk, chair, and refrigerator. And plenty of storage! There are hangars available, and the closet is fairly deep so you can fit a suitcase. And there are storage drawers under the bed. You can store towels here, or pajamas, or change out your clothes depending on the seasons. There is also a place to store shoes near the door.
The main living spaces are the 2nd and 3rd floors, and the washroom spaces are the 2nd floor for women and 3rd floor for men.


Cute desk and chair in the private room

Stylish changing room in the large bath area

Post script

Shin-Misato station is 2 stations away on the JR Musashino line, and there is a Costco and Ikea store. Or, take the Tsukuba Express to Akihabara. After you come back home, take a relaxing bath, and cook dinner with your friends. Or you can have drinks in the lounge and not even have to go outside. You can see the Edo river banks from the roof and it is beautiful year round. At Social Residence Minami Nagareyama, you will find something fun every day.
(Writer: kana haruta)