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2 houses with 4rooms in
Shin KawasakiStation

Shin-Kawasaki station is on the JR Yokosuka and Shonan-Shinjuku lines, and is very crowded during peak times. Nearby are Yumemigasaki Zoological Park, and the Kashima Daijin shrine. Average Oakhouse apartment rent is 70,000, lower than nearby areas. It is just 1 stop to Yokohama station, so it is well-situated for train travel. Plus the area has seen a lot of recent development, making it an even more convenient place to live.


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Station overview

Shin-Kawasaki station is in Saiwai ward in Kawasaki city. It is on the JR Yokosuka and Shonan-Shinjuku lines, and opened in 1980. For various reasons it was almost called Shin-Kashimada, but that was deemed too confusing, and they decided on its current name. Average daily ridership is 27,000, a 6,000 person increase over 20 years. There are many buses that go from the station, and coupled with the trains give you a wide net over which you can travel. There are two small convenience stores in the station, one inside the gates and one just outside. The station also sells "ekiben" bento lunches, filled with Chinese shumai dumplings.

Places to see

There has been a lot of development in the area around Shin-Kawasaki in recent years, and as a result there is much to see.
The Yumemigasaki Zoo is run by the city of Kawasaki, with animals from all over the world, mostly small animals so it is popular with young children. It is also free to enter, and runs year-round. It is also a general park, with beautiful cherry trees in the spring. Nearby to the station is Kashima Daijin shrine, dedicated to the Shinto deity Takemikazuchi. It is an impressive and quiet shrine even in the midst of a developed city like Kawasaki.


While the area around the station is lively, once you get outside this circle there are many quiet residential neighborhoods, and plenty of supermarkets and restaurants. There are also shopping malls, with 100-yen shops or fast food and more. Plus it is a safe area, with lots of residential buildings. There are several areas with different feels you might find around Shin-Kawasaki that fit your particular needs. It is easy to live here even on your own, thanks to the convenience of daily shopping in the area.

Stations around Shin Kawasaki

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