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Shin YurigaokaStation

Shin-Yurigaoka station is on the Odakyu Odawara and Tama lines. It is busy at peak commute times with traveling businesspeople and students. Nearby are the Shin-Yurigaoka AEON and OPA shopping centers. Average Oakhouse share house rent is 64,000, slightly higher than other Oakhouse properties in the area, but the area has been recently revitalized with many shops, and it is only 20 minutes to Shinjuku.


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Station overview

Shin-Yurigaoka station is in Asao ward in Kawasaki city, and lies on the Odakyu Odawara and Tama lines. It is a large station with many riders, serving 125,000 people per day. It is often called "Shin-Yuri" to distinguish it from next-door Yurigaoka. The station was opened in 1974, seeing remodeling from 2005 to 2008. Now the station building has an elevator and escalator. Many different services stop at Shin-Yurigaoka station for easy access to not just Tokyo but the Odawara area as well.

Places to see

There are many shopping malls near Shin-Yurigaoka station, as well as banks and public facilities. AEON Shin-Yurigaoka has 6 floors, with food, cosmetics, fashion, toys, stationary, and sundries. There is also a cinema on the 6th floor with 9 screens. At Shin-Yurigaoka OPA, there are many fashion brands popular with young people, as well as a bookstore, interior shop, and restaurants. There is also a 100-yen shop, Uniqlo, and Animate store.


There are many supermarkets near Shin-Yurigaoka station, including a 24-hour one. There are also drugstores and 100 yen shops near the station. There are plenty of places to shop within a 300m radius, as well as public facilities. On the east side of the station is a large park. It is a safe area too. The station lies on 2 train lines, and there is also good bus coverage. You can get to Shinjuku in 20 minutes, perfect for your daily life whether for work or pleasure.

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