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Yotsuya SanchomeStation

Yotsuya-Sanchome station is on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line, and is busy due to its proximity to many office buildings. Nearby you can find the Fire Museum, and Yotsuya Suga Shrine. Average Okhouse share house rent is 85,000 yen, slightly higher than other areas, but this location is close to Shinjuku Gyoen park as well as other relaxing nature spots. Plus being so close to Shinjuku means you have easy access to shopping and leisure.


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Station overview

Yotsuya-Sanchome is in Tokyo's Shinjuku ward, on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line. It opened in 1959. Trains head toward either Shinjuku, Ogikubo, and Honancho, or to Ginza, Tokyo, Otemachi, and Ikebukuro. There are 4 exits, but currently number 3 is closed off (as of September 2018). There is an escalator and elevator connecting the ticket gate to the platform, as well as a wheelchair-accessible bathroom. Average daily ridership is 46,732, an increase of 7,000 over 10 years. That said, that is not a very high number for a Metro station.

Places to see

Near Yotsuya-Sanchome are the Fire Museum, and Suga shrine. The Fire Museum is connected directly to the station, so you can't miss it. It covers the history of fire fighting from the Edo period, as that was a time when there were many great fires. There are many interesting pieces of history, views, and exhibits.
Suga shrine is dedicated to the kami Susano'o, and Ukanomitama. It was established in the Edo period, in 1634, and has several festivals throughout the year, particularly at new years and in early June. It also serves as a location in the hit movie "Your Name." There are many other nice temples and shrines from the Edo period around Yotsuya.


Yotsuya Sanchome is home to many families, but demographically it trends toward more single people. It is very close to Shinjuku, and well-located for access to other major points of the city. Plus there are many nature spots, like Shinjuku Gyoen. There are several supermarkets in the area, as well as drugstores. It is a safe area, and fairly quiet, so it is recommended if you're looking for a quiet yet convenient place to live. It is just a 5-minute train ride to Shinjuku, and in just 10 or more minutes you can also get to Tokyo, Shibuya, or Ikebukuro stations. Though there may not be many leisure places in Yotsuya itself, Shinjuku is basically right next door.

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