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In addition, you can also find the property you want by searching, "I know the property name", "I want to find it in a social residence", "I want to try a famouse hotel to stay".

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You can choose the one that fits your needs in particular "facilities" and "scale", or choose from a variety of types of Resident such as "women only" or "for family living".

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Choose by prefectures Oakhouse is expanding nationwide, and next might be in the town you want to live in.

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Reasons to choose from Oakhouse Compare to other companies (*according to our research)
No security, key money, or guarantor (guarantee company) is required, and it can be used from 1 month.

S社 R社 B社 I社
Initial fees Contract fee 50,000YEN - - - 30,000YEN
Security deposit(Bond payment) 0 64,000YEN 50,000YEN 15,000YEN 0
Key money 0 46,000YEN 0 30,000YEN 0
Administrative fee - - - 10,000YEN 0
Total amount 50,000YEN 110,000YEN 50,000YEN 55,000YEN 30,000YEN
Bond payment
Guarantor/Guarantee company Nothing Guarantee company Not listed Not listed Not listed
Guarantee fee Nothing 15,460YEN Not listed Not listed Not listed
Household insurance premium Nothing Yes Not listed Not listed Not listed
Monthly guarantee fee Nothing 500YEN Not listed Not listed Not listed
When moving out
Monthly guarantee fee 0 33,000YEN 30,000YEN 5,000YEN〜 0
Re-contract fee 0 16,200YEN 35,000YEN 10,000YEN 0
Property transfer fee 5,000YEN〜 Not listed Not listed 15,000YEN Not listed

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