Viva!1st Anniversary PV Miyazakidai Sushi Party


2018/04/20 Viva!1st Anniversary PV Miyazakidai Sushi Party

Hello from Oakhouse!
Today we have information about a sushi party at Park view Miyazakidai!

April 1st marked 1 year at Park View Miyazakidai.
To celebrate, we will be holding a 1 year anniversary party on Friday April 20th!

We hope to see you there!

★Date: April 20th (Fri) 2018 Friday
★Place: Park view Miyazakidai Dining
★Fee: 500 yen

☆★How to apply★☆
■Apply from the event page on the Oakhouse website

Please let me know if you would like to come so we can get a headcount and prepare the right amount of food.
*If you aren't sure yet, you can come on the day

Event date 2018/04/20
Time 19:30~21:30
Fee ¥500
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Oakhouse Co., Ltd.