TRX suspension traning: now holding free trial lessons!


2018/11/12 TRX suspension traning: now holding free trial lessons!

We will be holding room viewings and free training events at Gran Toda to celebrate the grand opening!
Communicate and train in pairs using the TRX training system!
We are also holding free counseling for more effective training!

Plus, if you decide to sign a contract after seeing the house, you can get the second month of rent free in our free rent campaign!
Train your body, change you diet, and pay less rent!

It will also be held on the dates and times below.
To apply, please fill out the form, or contact us by phone or email.
You can also apply and attend the day of!

11/12 20:00~,11/16 20:00~,11/19 19:00~,11/22 20:00~,11/23 20:00~,11/25 18:00~,11/27 20:00~,11/30 20:00~

Contact: Oakhouse Shibuya Information Center
Phone: 03-6427-3777

Event date 2018/11/12
Time 20:00
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