2019/02/16 Takoyaki Party at FORO Eifukucho

FORO Eifukucho is a unique house focused on craftsmanship, with a pottery workshop, sewing workshop, and more. We will be holding a takoyaki party!
If you want to hang out, meet people, see a share house, or just eat delicious takoyaki, you are more than welcome!

★Date: 2019.2.16(Sat.)
★Time: 18:00~
★Place: FORO Eifukucho lounge
★Fee: 500 yen
★Closest station: Keio Inokashira line, Nishi-Eifuku station, 8-minute walk

Event date 2019/02/16
Time 18:00~
Houses FORO Eifukucho
Fee ¥500
Sponsor profile

Oakhouse Co., Ltd.