9th Higako Cup at Social Residence Higashi Koganei


2019/04/20 9th Higako Cup at Social Residence Higashi Koganei

Hello from Oakhouse!

The Higako Cup sports tournament is held twice a year at Social Residence Higashi Koganei, and the next one will be held on Saturday, April 20th!
This will be our 9th futsal tournament!

There will be 12 teams total.
The deadline for team applications is Monday, April 1st, or when 12 teams are decided.
You are also of course welcome to just come and watch!
It's a big event, and a great opportunity to meet people from other houses!
Even if you don't live in Oakhouse, we'd love to see you there!

★Date: April 20th (Saturday) *in case of rain, Saturday May 18th
★Time: 10:00~17:00 
★Place: Social Residence Higashi Koganei
★Fee: for players-- men 1500 yen, women 500 yen. Just watching: free
★Closest station: JR Chuo line, Higashi Koganei station, 15-minute walk
★Address: Tokyo, Koganei city, Midoricho 2-17-31

Event date 2019/04/20
Time 10:00~17:00
Fee ¥1,500
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