Publication Club - A workshop on how anybody can get published on Amazon, just by using Word (3rd series)




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2019/12/06 Publication Club - A workshop on how anybody can get published on Amazon, just by using Word (3rd series)

The new AI age has the power to help creative people express themselves emotionally, artistically, and philosophically through technology.
When it comes to data and rules where there are right answers, it is best left to AI. For the questions with no right answers, the best people to answer them are those who can create.
In such a new era, we see more than ever active artists, designers, performers, photographers and videographers and others professions.
That's not to mention the creative cooks, chefs, bakers, writers, authors, directors, and composers.
One of the strongest tools one can use to express these ideas is the technology of the written word -- that is, books.
That's why we are holding a publication workshop, to help outfit people with the best tools to be creative in the new age of AI.

If you're an artist, you can write a book explaining your process and portfolio, show exhibitions and sell goods, or even write tutorials for budding artists.
If you're a performer, you can link your performance videos from an e-book, and explain your work in the form of words, photos, and videos.

Writing a book is often as easy as taking a look back on your own experiences.
There are many original ideas you may possess, from your experience working overseas, backpacking in foreign countries, or to know people from different cultures.

And if you use Amazon's self-publishing service, you can publish e-books that can be read on PCs, smartphones and tablets, and even paperbacks.
There is no quota -- you can sell as little as just 1 book and face no loss, and initial costs are free.

As long as you have data, you can publish. The most important thing is quality.
Through this workshop, we will help you create an outline for your work, to form a base from which you can create your product.
The instructor will guide participants using their own "deep perspective" framework to help organize ideas.

These seminars have already produced 2 published authors!
One of them self-published, and the other was able to sell their book to a publishing company to get their book on the commercial market.

■Able participants
・Any student or worker who likes to create
・People who like to create with their own methods
・People who want to turn their know-how and experience into results
・People who want to publish an e-book or paperback
・People who want to improve their language or technology skills (at the first workshop we had someone working on publishing Arabic poetry!)

■Dates and times
①12/6 (Fri) 20:00-22:00 : Lecture and workshop
②12/20 (Fri) 20:00-22:00 :Individual consulting and group work
③1/10 (Fri) 20:00-22:00 :Book idea presentations
④1/24 (Fri) 20:00-22:00 :Individual consulting and group work
This workshop will take place over 4 dates.

If you wish to attend any of them, attendance at ① is required. For ② and ④ you can come to one or the other if you can't make one of them.
*If you cannot attend a particular date, you can use the repeat attendance system to follow up.

Kurukuru Global Hub
〒150-0002 Tokyo, Shibuya, Shibuya 1-13-5 (JR Shibuya station, 5-minute walk)


General: ¥10,000
Oakhouse resident: ¥5,000
*Price is for total of 4 times.

Repeat attendee fee: ¥1,000 per time
*The repeat attendee fee is the same whether you are an Oakhouse resident or not.

1. This seminar will be photographed and photographs may be used on various social media platforms. If you do not wish for a photograph of you to be used, please inform the staff before the event.

2. This seminar is held in Japanese. Anyone is welcome to attend, but we are unable to provide interpreters.

Yuki Kimura

Freelancer who takes part in planning and producing. Has developed a human resources training company, published books, internet videos, and scripts.
Is active in promoting the 3 human abilities of intelligence, emotion, and body.

Works: "Deep Perspective: Use your brain to the fullest! Surround, connect, think -- a new way to use iPad Pro"
#1 sales in educational/legal category
Introduced "deep perspective" as a guest speaker at the AAAI international AI symposium held in March 2018 at Stanford University.
Also lectures at NPOs and universities.

Works by Masahiro Shinoda
"How to find your greatness: how to be friends with people who think differently"
"How to find a child's greatness: 60 infographics to relieve your worries about child-rearing"
"How to find your friends' greatness: 7 mental skills leaders should have in order to turn differences into strengths"

Event date 2019/12/06
Time 20:00~22:00
Houses Kurukuru Global Hub
Fee ¥5,000
Sponsor profile

Oakhouse Co., Ltd.