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Kanagawa is home to the big cities of Yokohama, Kawaguchi, and recently growing Sagamihara. It has a population of about 9 million people, 2nd only to Tokyo. Though it is primarily known for these cities as well as manufacturing businesses, areas like Hakone are beautiful pockets of nature. You can also enjoy the beach in places like Shonan and Kamakura. It is also home to many national parks so there are many opportunities to be in touch with nature. The central part of the prefecture is a bedroom town, and although it rains a lot it has a warm climate and convenient transport which makes it an easy place to live. Plus with castles, the bay, and military bases, you can feel a sense of history.

Things to see

There are many places to see in Kanagawa, like Hakone onsen, as well as resorts, golf, etc. only 1.5~2.5 hours from the city. Yokohama bay area also contains a large and popular Chinatown. There is also the seafood, surfing, and beach around Shonan. Lots of leisure opportunities. Historically speaking, there is Odawara castle, Hakone, and Kamakura, and more! The park in Yokohama bay area is a popular date spot.


Kanagawa lifestyle is very diverse depending on where you live. Living in the cities, you are next to Tokyo and amidst booming bedroom towns. These communities are growing, as are areas like Shonan and Hakone. Between the futurism of Minato-Mirai and the history of Kamakura, Sagamihara is also gaining attention as a good place to live with its own burgeoning identity. There are also areas in Kanagawa for farming and fishing.

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