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The Kyoto Subway Tozai line is a subway that connects Kyoto city to Uji city.


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Railway Overview

Only Rokujizo station is in Uji city, and the remaining 16 stations are in Kyoto city. The line is smaller overall than the Karasuma line, but it is convenient for its access to temples and shrines in Higashiyama or Nakagyo wards. It serves people in bedroom communities in Uji, Fushimi, Yamashina, and other places commuting into Kyoto, over 100,000 people per day. The line runs longer than the Karasuma line at 17.5 km, so it has more stations. It also shares some service with the Keihan Keishin line for access to Otsu city in Shiga prefecture. The Tozai line is relatively new, created 20 years ago to cross through Kyoto. At first there was only service between Daigo and Nijo stations, but it expanded into its current form by 2008. The station melodies invoke a Kyoto feeling, reminding one perhaps of chirping birds at Daigoji temple.

Places to see

As with any line in Kyoto, the Tozai line is full of places to see. Around Higashiyama station you can find Heian Jingu shrine, Okazaki park, Kyoto zoo, and more. Heian Jingu in particular hosts the Jidai Matsuri festival, one of the 3 big festivals in Kyoto. Here, there is a recreation of buildings that existed in the Heian period. Around Uzumasa Tenjinkawa station are many areas that have been used as locations for filming historical dramas or movies, and there is even the Toei Kyoto Studio Park, a theme park also known for its high-quality haunted house. You can walk down recreated historical streets.


The Tozai line area has a more relaxed atmosphere, excluding areas around Sanjo Keihan, Kyoto Shiyakushomae, and Karasuma-Oike stations. Every day you can feel the atmosphere of the old capital. Rent prices are typically more affordable in Yamashina, Fushimi, and Uji. On the other hand, they are more expensive in Higashiyama and Nakagyo. But they have good access to the center of the city, so it's convenient for commuting and daily life.
There are shops that are convenient for daily life too, such as hardware stores, discount shops, 100-yen shops, and then there are many schools too. It's less crowded than the Karasuma line, for less travel stress.

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