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3 houses with 54rooms in
Seibu-Yurakucho line

The Seibu Yurakucho line runs from Nerima station in Nerima ward, Tokyo to Kotake Mukaihara station.


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Railway Overview

There are only 3 stations, spanning 2.6 km, and the line connects to the Seibu Ikebukuro and Tokyo Metro Yurakucho and Fukutoshin lines. Using the Metro Yurakucho line you can get to the Shin-Kiba area, and on the Fukutoshin line you can get to Shinjuku Sanchome, Shibuya, and Motomachi Chukagai/Chinatown. Also, from Kotake Mukaihara station via the Metro Yurakucho and Fukutoshin lines you can get to Wakoshi in Saitama, and also with through service on th eTobu Tojo line you can get to Saitama areas like Fujimino and Kawagoe. There are various express services on these lines, but the Seibu Yurakucho line only has local service. Trains run relatively often. Nerima ward is in the northwest of the 23 wards and has a large population of 700,000 people, but it is the 5th largest ward and has many areas of nature and quiet residential neighborhoods, particularly around Shin-Sakuradai and Kotake Mukaihara stations. The area around Nerima station is quite convenient with shops, food, and supermarkets.

Places to see

The line is very short and runs through residential areas, so there are few large things to see along the line. However, but taking the Seibu Ikebukuro, Metro Yurakucho or Fukutoshin lines, you can find much more. Ikebukuro station is a large terminal station with many department stores like Lumine, Tobu, Seibu, and Parco. It also has many competitive electronics stores. It is also home to the Sunshine Aquarium, and movie theaters and other entertainment. It also has a subculture scene to rival Akihabara, as well as bookstores like Junkudo, Sanshodo, and more. You should be able to find any book you like at just these two. There are also many cafes, so why not find a nice book and sit down and read it over a coffee?


Nerima station has supermarkets, drugstores, hospitals, and other public services nearby. For bigger ticket shopping, head to Ikebukuro or Shibuya on the Tokyo Metro. Or, go direct without having to transfer to Yokohama, Yurakucho, Toyosu, or Shin-Kiba. And from Nerima station transfer to the Seibu Ikebukuro line to get to Saitama, or Tokorozawa or Irima, to get to Mitsui Outlet Park Iriya or Costco. It is a nice balance, between your quiet local life and easy access to leisure and shopping on the weekends.

Seibu-Yurakucho line stations

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