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Railway Overview

The Sotetsu Main Line is the main line of the Sagawa Railway company. It starts at Yokohama station and connects to Ebina station, for a total of 18 stations. Other main stations are Futamatagawa, where you can change to the Izumino line, and Yamato, where you can change to the Odakyu Enoshima line. It runs a total of 24.6 km, and offers several local and express services. The line is used to head into the western part of Kanagawa prefecture, as it runs only within Kanagawa. Though it is not well known nationally, it is important and beloved by the local people.

Places to see

There are many convenient residential areas along the Sotetsu Main Line. Yokohama station is near the Sotetsu Joiners and Lumine department stores, and also has the Yokohama Sky Building, Sogo Art Museum, and the Hara Model Railway Museum. Nishi-Yokohama station is near the Nico Nico and Fujidana shopping streets, which are important shopping areas. There is also the Kofukuji temple. Tennocho station has the Yokohama Business Park; Wadacho station has Tokiwa park, and a 15-minute walk from Kami-Hoshikawa station is the Jingashita Keikoku Park, with beautiful views of nature. The final stop, Ebina, is seeing rapid development into a flourishing district. Not only is it convenient, but families often spent enjoyable times here in Ebin aChuo Park or Sagamisansen Park. Each area has its own unique flavor different from even that in Yokohama.


The areas along the Sotetsu Main Line are used by people living in residential areas outside Yokohama, the largest city in Kanagawa, and commuting in to it. Rental prices around Yokohama station are of course high, but in next-most-popular Ebina, they are more relaxed. Other liveable areas are around Futamatagawa and Yamato. In each area you will find convenient daily shopping, and plenty of nature and entertainment. They are flourishing bedroom towns. Currently, the line also has some direct service through the Tokyu and JR train lines, for even more convenient access in to Tokyo.

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