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answers your Social Residence® questions

Q. What is a Social Residence®?

What kind of house is Social Residence®?
What makes it different from a regular share house?

A. Social Residence® is a registered trademark of Oakhouse, and is a new re-definition of the share house concept.

It's not only about living but also enjoying, learning, and growing with opportunities like workshops and events presented by residents in the house.
For example, some houses have multi-purpose studios for yoga or dance, or a Social Office where you can get business done. Some houses have a small library, or soundproofed rooms for music or theater, or courts for footsal, tennis, or basketball, and residents can use these spaces as well as lounge to their fullest potential.
If you want to be a musician, start a business, or learn programming, you can find support at a Social Residence®.

Person who answers the questions

Oakhouse Co., Ltd. : Oakey

Nickname: Oakey Real Name: Oak Goldschmidt
Born in 1985 in Yokosuka, where his father worked at the military base there.
Grew up in Japan until age 8, then moved to America at age 9.
At age 27, he got a renewed interest in Japan, wanted to live there again, and moved to Tokyo.
Met a lot of Oakhouse people through his girlfriend and has become something like an Oakhouse expert since then.

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