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  • Q.What is a Social App®?

What's a Social App®? Do I have to download it?

  • A.It is a social application-- essentially, a resident sharing their skills and talents within a Social Residence in the form of workshops, events, or services.

Social Residence® residents can hold interesting, enjoyable, or applicable events, groups, or workshops in the house lounge or other facilities, and these are called Social Apps®.
Normally if you want to sponsor an event, the first hurdle is securing a place.
But if you are a Social Residence® resident, you can register a Social App® and use the house as your base.

Oakhouse Co., Ltd. : Oakey

Nickname: Oakey Real Name: Oak Goldschmidt
Born in 1985 in Yokosuka, where his father worked at the military base there.
Grew up in Japan until age 8, then moved to America at age 9.
At age 27, he got a renewed interest in Japan, wanted to live there again, and moved to Tokyo.
Met a lot of Oakhouse people through his girlfriend and has become something of an Oakhouse expert since then.

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Gran Hiyoshi

Gran Hiyoshi

Tokyu-Meguro line / Hiyoshi(Kanagawa) 21minutes

Move in conditions: Female Male Foreigner

Rooms for 2 or more available

  • Bicycle parking

¥49,000 - ¥135,000

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Family apartment along Toyoko line! 2LDK 61.66 sq.m ……