Plan Share TOKYO [Final Edition]

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Final Edition

A house with a quiet life

Plain Share Tokyo is the 5th and newest share house project by Cafe House Tokyo!
The house is a 7-minute walk from Unoki station on the Tokyu Tamagawa line, close to the Tama River and plenty of nature.

The closest station Unoki has good access toward the JR Yamanote line or Yokohama area. It is only a 7-minute ride on the Tokyu Toyoko line to Jiyugaoka station, with plenty of shopping, and only 17 minutes from Shibuya.
This house is women-only, so if you are a woman looking for her first share house, this could be a great choice for you!
Plain Share Tokyo is in Utaki, Ota ward in Tokyo.
It is a simple house with 5 rooms, but it is clean and cute.
It's a comforting place right by the Tama River.


Cute white exterior

The Tama River area. Feels nice to go jogging around here!

A simple house, but carefully designed

Designed specifically for a share house

The house of the women-only Plain Share Tokyo was newly constructed in March 2015.
It was designed with a positive sense of "plainness" in mind.

Big window in the lounge

Wooden walls by the staircase extending up to the high ceiling

A well-equipped IH kitchen for your cooking needs

Sofa, counter, and high chairs

A lounge with plenty of space for 5 people.
There are 2 toilets, a shower, and 2 wash basins.

Clean bathrooms

Clean for everyday use

You use these areas every day, so it's important to keep it clean!
A cleaner comes to clean it, which is helpful. Let's keep it clean so they have less work next time too!

Toilet with washlet, and mini-sink.

Spacious shower booth

Coin-operated washer and dryer

Sinks and mirrors, with space for toothbrushes

A relaxing room of your own

How about the rooms?

The house is already nice just from the lounge, kitchen, and bathroom and sink areas, but also the private rooms have pleasant white walls and plenty of space.

Room 203 (south facing)

Room 201 (2 windows)

Room 204 (south facting)

The closet has a cover so you don't have to worry about dust as much

The furniture and walls are a simple white, so you can easily color coordinate.
There is a clothes-drying rack outside so you can easily sun-dry your clothes.
The closet is helpful for storing all your clothes.
You can place the furniture as you like.

Even if it's your first share house: no worries!

A place to see your housemates every day

All the shared spaces are on the 1st floor so it is easy to make friends with your housemates.
It's quite nice to have friends so close to home... at home, in fact!
It's a great living experience in Tokyo.

Have a chat while cooking

A space where it is easy to make friends

Fun conversation in the room

Tea time on the sofa

So, what do you think of Plain Share Tokyo?
Not only are the house and its rooms nice, but the town is pleasant as well.

The area around Unoki station has 3 supermarkets: Life, Maruetsu, and Olympic.
7 minutes away is a public bath, and there is a golf driving range along the Tama River.
Ota ward also has a bicycle rental service, expanding the places you can go!

If you're interested, or are looking for a fresh lifestyle, or want to have a picnic by the Tama riverside, we hope you will come check out the house for yourself!

Great deal until the end of July!

At Plain Share Tokyo, only until the end of July, you can get up to 45,000 yen off! The month after the month you move in, you can get 15,000 yen off monthly rent for up to 3 months.
An affordable way to start a new lifestyle!
We hope to hear from you!

*During the 45,000 yen off campaign, the designated discount begins from the month after the month you move in.
*If you move out in the middle of the month during the campaign, the discount will not apply for the last month. Rent will be calculated daily at the normal rate, and the difference will be charged additionally.
*This campaign only valid for new contracts.