Park View Miyazakidai [Final Edition]



Final Edition

Comfortable renovation!

Fully renovated!

Direct to Shibuya
Park View Miyazakidai, along the Den-en-toshi line, has been fully renovated. There's a Japanese bath, theater room, lounge, and all you've hopefully come to expect from the Social Residence series. Let's see what's new!

Dining room and kitchen with the best appliances!

Have your own nice dining experience every day
Of course, all Oakhouse share houses are outfitted with appliances, but with Park View Miyazakidai's renovation, we've bought all new, high-end and popular appliances. From toaster, rice cooker, and oven range to coffee maker, juicer, and ice maker, there's plenty to enjoy in the kitchen!
Enjoy easy cooking on the gas range, all while keeping up conversations with your house mates.

De'Longhi coffee machine

BALMUDA toaster oven

2 lounges both with different atmospheres

Warm wooden lounge
The lounge has been redone with a relaxed, warm wooden tone. Enjoy cooking, or even watch the big game on the screen! There is also a library lounge with a record player for a more sophisticated leisure experience. Chill out on the sofa, or enjoy the lounges any way you like!


Large sofa

Convenient daily lifestyle!

Free rental bicycle
Miyazakidai has a theater room, study room, smoking room, and lounge with a real record player. There are also free rental bicycles! We recommend taking a ride around the park nearby!

Big-screen theater room

Use any time for free!

Huge Japanese bath!

Japanese-style bath
Each week, the schedule switches to mens or womens bath. Enjoy a refreshing soak!
There are also shower booths, so there are lots of options to get clean. :)

Refresh in the large bath

77 rooms - either desk type or sofa type

Single bed and desk type room

Perfect if you do lots of desk work!
There's no balcony in the single bed rooms, but there is a clothes drying pole so you can easily dry your clothes inside--good for a rainy day too.
This room is perfect if you need to study a lot!

Semi-double type perfect for two

Semi-double bed and sofa type room

If you want to relax on the sofa
The semi-double room has a balcony and plenty of storage space.
If you have a lot of luggage or clothes, this could be the room for you.
Recommended for two people!

Ask the manager! FAQ

Below are answers to frequently asked questions.

Q: Is there parking for cars or bikes? How much is it?
Unfortunately there is no car parking. However, there is free bike parking. Motored scooters etc. parking is 2,000 yen per month.

Q: How is access to central Tokyo?

From Miyazakidai station on the Den-en-toshi line, you can get directly to Shibuya in just 20 minutes! If you transfer at Mizonoguchi station you can take the JR Nanbu line if you need to go to the Kawasaki area.

Q: What's the area like?
The surrounding area is residential, and there are many families living in the area. There are also lots of parks and trees, etc. It's safe due to the schools, fire department, etc. nearby. The ward office, convenience store, and supermarket and more are all within walking distance.

Q: What kind of people live at Park View Miyazakidai?
There are lots of people who use the Den-en-toshi line to get to work. There are also lots of foreigners here studying Japanese. It's a very international feel!
It's about 50/50 men to women, and most people are in their 20s or 30s.

A word from the manager

What's great about Park View Miyazakidai
The main thing I want to focus on is our many great facilities here! After coming home from work or school, you can enjoy cooking alongside everyone, watch a movie with your friends, or relax with a drink while listening to a record. Then at night, take a dip in the Japanese bath. Sounds like a great lifestyle to me. There are many foreigners studying here from all over, so it's a very international mood. I hope you will come see for yourself at Park View Miyazakidai!

Come experience a great share house lifestyle!