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Miyanosaka station is on the Tokyu Setagaya line, and quite busy during rush hour. Average Oakhouse apartment rent as of March 2019 is 76,833 yen, slightly lower for other apartments along the same line. Near Miyanosaka station you can find Gotokuji temple, famous for its beckoning cat/maneki neko. Sangenjaya is just a 10-minute ride direct, and from there it is easy access to Shibuya.


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Station overview

Miyanosaka station is in Setagaya ward in Tokyo, along the Tokyu Setagaya line. It was created in 1945, actually the combination of two former stations in the area. The the east is Gotokuji temple, and to the west is Setagaya Hachiman shrine, so this is quite a relaxed area. The Miyanosaka community center is right outside the station; there you can find a display of old trolley cars used on the defunct Enoden line. It is 10 minutes to Sangenjaya, and if you transfer there you can get to Shibuya in 5 minutes. Going the other way, it is 10 minutes to Shimo-Takaido, and if you change there to the Odakyu line, you can get to Shinjuku in 10 more minutes. The Setagaya is mostly a local line, but it has good access to other parts of the city in a relaxed residential area. There are many famous temples and shrines that are good places to walk around on the weekends.

Places to see

One of the most popular spots near Miyanosaka station is Gotokuji, which is famous as the birthplace of the beckoning cat statues, maneki neko. It is said that the temple was built on command of the Kira clan of Setagaya castle. A legend goes that Ii Naotaka, daimyo of Hikone Domain found shelter from rain thanks to the help of a cat, so he decided to create a commemoration to the welcoming cat.
There are many, many maneki neko statues in the temple. The yura-character mascot of Hikone city, Hiko-nyan, is modeled after the cat at this temple. There are actually many spots around the temple dedicated to cats, and you may find many around Gotokuji.
Another famous spot nearby is the Setagaya Hachiman shrine. In old times, this was where sumo rituals and divinations were performed.


Miyanosaka is a relaxed local area, with many small cafes, some of which have been around for many years. There is no large supermarket nearby which may be a slight issue for some. However, you can easily walk to next-door Gotokuji station for daily goods. There are no major hills nearby which is helpful for getting around. There are many nice restaurants to find nearby.

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