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1 houses with 59rooms in
Nishi KunitachiStation

Nishi-Kunitachi station is on the JR Nambu line, often crowded during rush hour.
Nearby are the Yagawa Ryokuchi Park and GranDuo Tachikawa.
Average Oakhouse share house rent is 53,000 yen, around the average for other Oakhouses in Tachikawa. You can walk to the terminal station Tachikawa, and from there easily get to Shinjuku.


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Station overview

Nishi-Kunitachi station is in Tachikawa city, Tokyo, on the Nambu line. It lies very close to the border of Tachikawa and Kunitachi. It opened in 1929, and is a local station only. The station serves 10,000 riders per day, fairly low for a Tokyo station, though that trend is rising. It is right next to the last stop on the Nambu line, Tachikawa.

Places to see

Near Nishi-Kunitachi you can see many municipal and educational buildings. Take a walk from the station to find the Yazawa Ryokuchi Park, where you cna see rare plants and aquatic animals. It is a relaxing space, and you will often find people jogging or walking the course. There is also the shopping mall GranDuo Tachikawa within walking distance, where you can buy food, clothes, daily items, cosmetics, and more. There are also plenty of places to eat and drink, so it is a convenient place. It has a large parking lot so if you have a car it is nice. There are plenty of places to shop and enjoy nature near Nishi-Kunitachi.


Nishi-Kunitachi station is the next station over from Tachikawa, an important station outside the 23 Tokyo wards, so it is convenient for those who work closer to the center of Tokyo. If you want the exercise, you could always easily walk to Tachikawa and then take the commuter train. The area around Nishi-Kunitachi are quiet residential neighborhoods, with a 24-hour supermarket as well. You can get everything you need day to day nearby, either here or in neighboring Tachikawa, and it is a safe area with affordable rents.

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