2019/08/17 Summertime at Gran Takarazuka

〜Enjoying a Japanese summer break〜

Hello from Oakhouse!
We're holding a Japanese summer break event at Gran Takarazuka in Takarazuka, Hyogo!

Mid-day we'll do nagashi somen and watermelon in the parking lot, and then in the evening change into yukata and go see fireworks the next station over near the
Inagawa river!

★Date: Saturday, August 17th 2019
★Time: mid-day 13:00~/ evening 17:30~
★Place: Gran Takarazuka
★Fee: 500 yen

You're welcome to come even if you aren't a resident! Especially if you want to check out a great share house in the Kansai area! Hope to see you there!

Event date 2019/08/17
Time 13:00
Houses Gran Takarazuka(Osaka)
Fee ¥500
Application form Please apply here
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