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Last updated 2020-01-16 12:09 *Information is updated as it changes.

Oakhouse Co., Ltd. APARTMENT Full ¥105,000 〜 ¥105,000

Monarch Mansion Tateishi

Full ¥105,000 〜 ¥105,000

  • Access Map
  • Bedroom
  • Japanese Style Room
  • Strage
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bath
  • Washing Machine
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  • Station
  • Station
  • Bus stop is in front of the house♪

House comments

1-min walk from Keisei Tateishi stn on Keisei line! Fully-furnished 2LDK apartment with lots of storage and sunlight. Shopping street nearby. From station get to Ueno in 20 mins or Shinagawa in 33. Easy access to either Haneda or Narita airports too. Tateishi is a nice town--apply now! --1st to apply receives new semi-double bedding!!

  • Within 5 minutes to station


Preview the house in a panoramic view

You can drag the screen with your mouse to get a full view of the house.

Rent is even cheaper as a New Smart Member!

Lower initial costs, and up to 26,000 yen off your monthly rent: New Smart Membership

House information

Address Tateishi Katsushika ward Tokyo
Line name / Closest station Keisei-Oshiage line / Keisei TateishiStation
Walk to nearest station 1minutes
Time to terminal station Shinagawa / 33minutes
Floors in house 11Floors
2 or more persons Possible
Rooms Less than 10
Shared lounge No
Shared PC No
Bicycle parking No
Car parking No
Rental bicycle No
Cable TV No
Use of PAO Not accepted

Other facilities

Lighting- curtains- refrigerator- AC- semi-double bed- storage- postbox- washlet toilet- shower- bathtub- washing machine- microwave- vacuum- rice cooker- wash basin- dining table- chair- gas range- WIFI

Oakhouse Co., Ltd.

Oakhouse Co., Ltd.

〒150-0002 Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya 3-3-2 Shibuya MK Bldg. 5

We provide chances to have fun, find happiness, and grow through our residences.
Your income, job, gender, age, nationality, or race does not matter: we build our contracts on trust.

Oakhouse has just celebrated its 20th year in business. We have continued to develop and provide new living spaces for our residents according to the social and economic climate as well as our residents' interests and situations.

The Japanese rental market's preference for lenders is reflected in the prices of the land and the buildings, but due to the current low birthrate and high longevity as well as the increasing number of foreign tourists to Japan every year, not to mention the increasing diversity of work and lifestyles, it is clear that a shift to focusing on customer needs is required.

From our establishment, Oakhouse keeps customer orientation in mind, aiming to convert the rental market into a service, and provide more and better living spaces.

Move-in process >>See move-in process here

STEP 1Check vacancy information/choose your house

You can search for a house via the methods below.

  • 1Web search

    Check vacancy information on the house page

  • 2Phone

    Call the Customer Support

  • 3Visit in person

    Visit the Customer Support

If there is a vacancy

ARequest a room viewing

If you would like to see the room in advance, schedule a room-viewing appointment →STEP2

BDo not request a room viewing

If you do not wish to see the room in advance, proceed to make a move-in reservation →STEP3

If there is no vacancy

We will recommend a different house closest to your needs.

Residents schedule their moving out 1 month prior to when they move out, so we are unable to speculate on move-outs later than 1 month in the future.

STEP 2Room viewing

If you would like to see the room, please make a reservation by the method below.

  • Online reservation: from the house page, fill out the room viewing appointment section and your desired date and time.

  • Phone reservation: 81-3-6452-6961 (Customer Support)

After contacting us, the Customer Support will contact you again with the date and time.

STEP 3Move-in reservation

1Fill out and send the move-in application form.

*Oakhouse will provide guidance separately for the move-in application form.
*A copy of ID such as driver's license, passport, residence card, alien registration card, etc. is required.
*Please indicate on the move-in application form if you would like to rent bedding.

2After sending in the move-in application, Oakhouse will conduct an investigation.

There is a personal inspection prior to moving in.
The inspection may take several business days.
Oakhouse will contact you with the results of the inspection.

3Prepare the move-in reservation fee.
Move-in reservation fee

Signing the contract between the 1st and 20th day of the month → contract fee + daily calculated rent
Signing the contract between the 21st and the 31st of the month → contract fee + daily calculated rent + 1 month of rent

Contract fee (only required at the first contract / non-refundable)
  • Apartment: ¥50,000
  • Single room: ¥30,000
  • Share room: ¥20,000
  • Compartment: ¥20,000
  • Dormitory: ¥10,000

*for Social Residence and Gran series houses

  • Apartment: ¥50,000
  • Single room: ¥50,000
  • Share room: ¥40,000
  • Compartment: ¥40,000
  • Dormitory: ¥30,000

Bedding is not provided.
■Bed pad: 2,000 Yen
※Because of hygienic reasons the bed pad will have to be bought in any case, no matter if you rent the bedding or not。

You can rent bedding from Oakhouse.
*Bedding is fixed depending on the bed size, and the type cannot be chosen.

■Rental bedding:13,000 Yen(optional)
Duvet + Cover
Pillow + Cover
Bed sheets
​(◎Futon set for the floor)

◎Only for rooms that require a Futon set。

4Schedule a date and time to move in.

*Move-in appointments can be scheduled between 11:00 to 18:00.
*If your flight will arrive at the airport later than 15:00, your move in will be the next day.

STEP 4Contracting procedure

1Contracting procedure
  • Fill out and sign the contract.
  • You will receive the key.
2Cancellation of move-in reservation

If you cancel your move-in application after it has been processed, the following cancellation fees apply.

  • Within 1 month to 8 days prior to contract start date: 50% of contract fee for the room
  • Within 7 days prior to contract start date: 100% of contract fee for the room

*If the contract fee had been discounted, the cancellation will be calculated at the full contract fee amount.

STEP 5Check in

The contract procedure will take place at the house on the scheduled date and time.

Follow the house rules and have an enjoyable share house life.

Moving out

STEP 1Choose your move-out date

Once you have chosen your move-out date

For single, compartment, and apartment rooms, at least 1 month prior to your desired move-out date, contact us via one of the methods below. For dormitories, contact us at least 14 days prior.

1Log in to your Oak Member Dashboard

Log in to your Oak Member Dashboard below.

Oak Member Dashboard

If you cannot log in, please check your e-mail address or reset your password.

2Apply to move out from the Oak Member Dashboard

After logging in to the Oak Member page, select "move out application" from the menu and fill in the required information on the form.

*Please carry out this process at least 1 month prior to your desired move out date. As a rule, 1 month of rent applies from the date your application is accepted, so please apply as soon as possible.

*Rent until your move-out date will be calculated per day. For any overpaid rent amount, it will be transferred to by bank after your move-out has been completed.

STEP 2Decided move-out time

Once you have decided your move-out time

Please schedule your move-out time for within business hours. (Please consult if you need a different time)
Once you have decided on the details, contact your house manager.

STEP 3Move out (check out)

When moving out, please clean the room.

1If the manager will meet with you on the move-out day

The manager will check the room and fixtures. Return the key to the manager.

2If the manager will not meet with you on the move-out day

Leave the key in a designated place and move out by yourself. (The designated place will be shared with you before you move out) After the manager has checked the room, they will contact you.

*Rent until your move-out date will be calculated per day. For any overpaid rent amount, it will be transferred to by bank after your move-out has been completed.

Change of address

Once your new residence has been decided, please make sure to apply for change of address.
Bring a form of ID to your closest post office and carry out the change of address procedure.

Thank you very much for staying with us at Oakhouse. We look forward to your staying with us again.

Room information

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There are currently no vacancies.
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guesthouse sharehouse Monarch Mansion Tateishi room506
Contract fee
Total ¥50,000
Monthly fee
Rent ¥105,000
Maintenance fee ¥20,000
Total ¥125,000
Room number 506
Room type Apartment
Size 41.34m²
Move in conditions Man / Woman
Maximum occupancy 2 persons
※Extra fee of 20,000 yen per month required from 2 persons

Room facilities 

  • Toilet
  • Kitchen
  • Wash basin
  • Outdoor clothes drying rack
  • Shower
  • Washing machine
  • Wifi
  • Air conditioner
  • Storage
  • Semi-double bed
  • Lighting
  • Terrestrial digital TV antenna
  • Post box
  • House post box
  • Curtains
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • South

House Manager

  • Nickname


  • Good things about the house

    Just 1 minute away from the station. There is a nice shopping street with lots of restaurants and stores. It is a great downtown area so I hope you will want to live here!

  • My share house history

    I shared a room with my club mates in my 4 years at university. There were good times and tough times but I had a very fulfilling time!

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