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Toda city is in the southeast of Saitama. There are many places to be close to nature. It lies along the JR Saikyo line, Highway 5, and other convenient road networks. There are printing and shipping companies that make their home in Toda.

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Toda borders Tokyo, on the southeast side of Saitama. There are many places to be close to nature along the Arakawa river. The Toda bridge along the Nakasendo road has been there since the Edo period, and was historically known as a main transportation hub.

Things to see

The Toda boat course was built in 1964 for the Tokyo Olympics, and even now it holds many competitions and enjoys many visitors. It is a calm course, 2,400 meters long and 90 meters wide, and goes around the park. The Saiko Doman Green Park lies along the Arakawa riverbank. It has tennis courts, baseball diamonds, and track courses in an open field, and you can also have BBQs there. Over 1 million people visit it every year.


Toda is known a place where it is easy to raise children in Saitama. Toda has built many new day care centers in order to alleviate the long waiting list, and put effort into educational programs, providing tablets to elementary and middle schools, and more. Child health care insurance is also very strong in Toda, and there are many places and parks where parents can take their children to play. They are great places for both children and their parents to make new friends.