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Koto ward: where the small town and development sites meet

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Area outline

Koto is on the east side of Tokyo, with a population of 500,000 people. It is bordered by the Arakawa and Sumida rivers, as well as Tokyo Bay. The south of the ward is reclaimed land which holds many high-rise buildings and residential apartments. It has Tokyo Big Sight, which is a large international convention center, and in fact Pallet Town on Odaiba is part of Koto ward. The north side, on the other hand, still maintains a traditional downtown feel, with some famous shrines and temples, and many older houses where more elderly people live. It lies along a train line that connects Chiba and Tokyo, along the JR Sobu or metro Tozai lines, so it has good access to other places. There are also many buses that go all over the ward. Many of the buildings for the 2020 Olympics will be in Koto ward, so development is increasing on the bay side even further.

Things to see

There are many places in Koto ward for everyone to enjoy, young and old. Kameido and Monzen-Nakacho have old temples and shrines, and Funabashi-ya is famous for its old-style Japanese sweets. There are also many parks nearby, such as Kiba park and Komatsugawa park, perfect for taking your family. Where development has been thriving in places like Toyosu, there is the huge shopping mall Lalaport, with an amusement center for kids as well. The view from Toyosu of the Rainbow Bridge is beautiful. There are also now bicycle rentals in Toyosu, Ariake, and Odaiba so you can bike along the coast.


The south sees a lot of business people going to work, but the central and northern areas are more of a quiet family or elderly life. The workers tend to live within the ward already so there is not a huge population difference day and night. Because access to the rest of the city is so good, many people go to other places on the weekends. The quiet neighborhoods are quieter in comparison to most other city areas of Tokyo. Because of the great transportation, nature, relaxed mood, and new development, real estate prices, but it is still on the low end for Tokyo. There are many shopping malls and smaller supermarkets, so most everything you need is within walking distance. With drugstores and conveniences nearby too, every day is convenient.