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Tachikawa city is home to many industries and plentiful nature.

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Area overview

Tachikawa city is in the west of Tokyo. Its main station Tachikawa can be accessed by the JR Chuo line, Ome line, and Nanbu line, with transfers to the Tama monorail. The Seibu Haijima line runs through the north. By taking the express train from Tachikawa station, you can get to Shinjuku in 25 minutes or Tokyo station in 40. Tachikawa is home to many industries, businesses, and shopping zones. It has many parks, such as the Showa Kinen Park. Additionally, there are farms that produce vegetables and other plants and trees. People live all over the city, so it has many schools, libraries, and sports centers.

Things to see

Tachikawa is known for Showa Kinen park, which takes up 180 hectares bordering Akeshima city. It is mostly free, but for a fee you can have access to the dog running and cycling center, bird pond and flower garden, or the pool in the summer. There are sports centers, Japanese gardens, and children's areas. It has many flowers all year round, like sakura, tulips, poppies, orchids, cosmos, and autumn leaves. There are also many events there, such as the grand fireworks festival in July.


Tachikawa has many businesses and industries, as well as areas with farmland. Though it may have an image as a bedroom town, in actuality only 20% of the population commutes into the metropolis due to the many facilities that Tachikawa has within the city. You do not have to leave the city in order to find great shopping, dining, and leisure. It has a decent amount of good schools and plentiful parks, making it a great place to raise a family amongst nature.