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Railway Overview

The Odakyu Tama line runs over a total of 8 stations connecting Tokyo and Kanagawa prefectures, over 10.6 km. It was created to add convenience to the Tama new town area. It starts at Shin-Yurigaoka station and ends at Karakida station. From Shin-Yurigaoka you can change to the Odawara line for access to Shinjuku. Because the Tama line only has 8 stops, it makes for a fast commute, and even has express and local service. From 2018, there are more expended services planned, including direct to Shinjuku via Odawara line. There are also plans to expand into Sagamihara for wider coverage. It has a long history, and will only serve more residents in the future.

Places to see

Though the Tama line is comparatively small, there is still lots to see along it. The Tama region has always been a popular vacation spot for Tokyo metropolitan residents, and is known for its relaxed lifestyle on its own. Shin-Yurigaoka has many places to shop and entertainment everyone can enjoy, as well as sports and arts centers. Kurihira station is near Shirotori Shrine and Kuriki Ontake shrine, and also has hot springs. Kurokawa station is near Shirumori shrine, surrounded by nature. Odakyu Tamanaga station in Tama city has the Toy Library and Bisuness Square, as well as Nagayama North and East parks. Odakyu Tama Center station has quite a lot, including the unique "Ochiai Yokocho" street, with many restaurants. There are also hot springs, art museums, Ochiai Hakusan shrine, Parthenon Tama, and more. Karakida station is near the Karakida Inari shrine, and the local favorite Karakida Road.


Neighborhoods in Tama City in Tokyo and in Asao ward in Kawasaki city in Kanagawa are known for their laid-back atmosphere and inexpensive rents. They are popular as bedroom towns, especially for those who work or go to school in Shinjuku area. The residential areas have all the convenience they need nearby, and the train service is good into the heart of Tokyo. It's also convenient to go enjoy the great outdoors on the weekend, so you can enjoy nature without the hustle and bustle of the city. Come see what it is like out here if you are looking for a relaxed lifestyle closer to nature.

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