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The Den-en-toshi line is the most-used line on the Tokyu railways, along with the Toyoko line. Over 1.2 million people use it every day.


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Line outline

It runs from Shibuya, one of Tokyo’s most important stations, through bedroom towns all the way to Chuo Rinkan station, making it a very popular place to live for people working in Tokyo. Not only is it a convenient place to live, you can change trains at Sangenjaya, Futako-Tamagawa, Mizonokuchi, Azamino, or Nagatsuta stations. Two recently popular areas are Futako Tamagawa an Sangenjaya stations, and the line extends into Kanagawa prefecture. Each area along the line is quite different, so you may find some places better for you depending on your needs. It is a convenient line for everyone from families to workers and students.

Things to see

Due to the redevelopment of Shibuya station, the Den-en-toshi line has seen resurgence in popularity. Many of the areas along the line are great for leisure, shopping, and more. Some of the areas are metropolitan, some cosmopolitan, and there are many great restaurants to be found. Especially around Futako Tamagawa, there are many new shopping areas, like Tamagawa Takashima, and there is also Futako Tamagawa park. Futako Tamagawa Rise is a mix of offices and residences, and Q Plaza is a newly-opened shopping area. There are also many places to find nature along this line, with plenty of outdoor events and places for children to play. Other areas along the Den-en-toshi line include Komazawa Olympic Park, and the field athletics Yokohama Tsukushino Course. There is no shortage of activities around the area.


The population of the areas along the Den-en-toshi line fluctuate more rapidly than other areas, but the line is indispensible to students and other people who work in Tokyo or Yokohama. It is made up of 27 stations, so there is a variety of different lifestyles, so you can hopefully find the best area for you. Due to its position near Shibuya, rent is slightly high, but it is highly livable and convenient. There are many nice supermarkets along the line as well, making it a top place to live.

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