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Tokyu-Meguro line

The Tokyu Meguro line connects Meguro station in Shinagawa ward Tokyo to Hiyoshi station in Kohoku ward in Yokohama, Kanagawa.


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Railway Overview

The Meguro line has 13 stations over 11.9 km, running alongside the Toyoko line from Hiyoshi to Den-en-toshi line. Platform doors and operation of the trains is by one-man operation. Though the line is called the Meguro line, it only runs briefly through Meguro line, with the only Meguro ward station being Senzoku. The Meguro line also connects with and has through service to the Tokyo Metro Namboku line and the Saitama Rapid Railway line, and the Toei Mita subway line. Until 2000 it was known as the Mekama line, connecting Meguro and Kamata station. But as the Toyoko line expanded, part of the Mekama line was named as part of the Tamagawa line, and the Meguro side was extended to Musashi Kosugi station. From Tamagawa to Kamata, it was renamed the Tokyu Tamagawa line. In 2008, service was expanded from Musashi Kosugi to Hiyoshi to reach its current shape. In the future there are plans to have through service to the Sotetsu line.

Places to see

One of the most popular hanami spots in Tokyo is along the Meguro line, and along the Meguro river. The Meguro river has 800 sakura trees that bloom along the 4km of the river. There are events and stalls while the flowers are blooming, like cafes, champagne, food, and more. Near Tamagawa station is the Tamagawadai park, which extends over green hills for 750 meters, and has a total area of over 67,000 square meters. There are beautiful trees and flowers throughout the year, and even several ancient kofun tombs.


The line goes from the city of Tokyo in Meguro out to Kanagawa prefecture, so there are many residential areas out that way and prices are not too high. On the other hand, the Den-en-chofu and Musashi Kosugi areas are very popular, and because the connect to other stations and lines can become quite crowded, so it is good to be aware of this if you live along the line. That said, the stations are surrounded by convenient shops and grocery stores. There is also through service via the Tokyo Metro Namboku and Toei Mita subway lines, taking you to Otemachi, Hibiya, Mita, Nagatocho, and other office and business areas in the metropolis.

Tokyu-Meguro line stations

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