Remembering shared times in a shared house - now starting the Oakhouse Fellows Alumni Association.




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Remembering back on shared experiences.

Now starting the Oakhouse Fellows Alumni Association.


Get together with other former Oakhouse residents,

remember the past, and enjoy the present.

Remember coming home to greetings from housemates?

Or the yearly Christmas party?

Keep in touch with old Oakhouse housemates

With the Oakhouse Fellows Alumni Association.


At Oakhouse share houses, there are still nice things even after you move out.

Moving out doesn’t have to mean goodbye to Oakhouse forever.
Become part of the Oakhouse Fellows Alumni Association and become a supporter.

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    Invitation to Oak Fellows alumni event

    Oakhouse holds regular events for Oakhouse alumni.
    Rekindle friendships and form new ones, with people from different houses or different years.
    Reminisce about good old times, and enjoy good new times.
    We’re waiting for you at home!

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    Connect with everyone on SNS

    Oakhouse is starting its own SNS platform.
    Find people with similar interests, do language exchange, find business partners…
    Now you can get the unique Oakhouse experience anywhere and anytime.
    *Release planned for sometime in 2019.

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    Introduction program

    We are now recruiting supporters who can help promote Oakhouse even after they have moved out.
    Every time you introduce a new person to us who moves in, you will receive PAO points as remuneration.
    1 PAO can be exchanged for 1 yen.
    Take part in this program easily by sharing your lived experience.
    *Oak Agent registration is required.


Former Oakhouse share house resident


Renee lived in SR Academia Yokohama for 1 year.

From winter 2018, she has been studying business at a school in Europe.

How was your lifestyle at Oakhouse?
The house I lived in had the motto of “Co-living, Co-working, Co-learning”, so even though we of course had fun, I also learned a lot. Around half the residents were foreigners, so everyone was coming to Japan to absorb and learn new things. I was inspired by their attitude to keep learning and growing as I continued on to work. I have a lot of great memories hanging out with sharemates in the lounge. It expanded my horizons before I went to study overseas.
What are you up to these days?
Right now I’m studying business in Europe, and originally I was going to study English more in-depth, but talking with my sharemates every day got me to thinking that it would be interesting to work overseas, so I decided to study business. On my days off I go to art museums. They’re so big you could spend all day looking at art.
We are starting the Oakhouse Fellows Alumni Association.
I’d love to help out. I’m kind of shy, and don’t usually invite people to go to dinner together or anything, but in the lounge at the Oakhouse share house people come together and talk naturally. Everyone I met at Oakhouse was wonderful, so I look forward to meeting even more new people through Oak Fellows.
For current residents

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For those who have moved out

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