Compartment type

COCON Warabi

What is a compartment type room?

COCON Warabi opened in September 2016, and it's a different kind of share house with compartment type rooms. What's so special about these sleeping-car-like rooms at Cocon Warabi?

Compartment type room

Compartment rooms
Compartment type rooms are divided much like sleeping cars on a train. You will hear noise and voices from your fellow housemates of course, but it's one rank up above a dormitory room, because you have your own private space.
At a dormitory, you will have one of a bunk bed, and no space to really store your things or do work, as you only have your designated locker space to work with. On the other hand, with a compartment type room, you have some of your own space, so you don't have to worry about storage as you might with a dormitory.

Compartment type room

Some storage space

Dormitories are cheap because the only space you have is your bed.

Dormitory type room

Your only space is your bed

Merits of compartment type

1. Keep costs down!
Compartments have lower rent, for one! If you want some private space but also want to keep costs down, this is the choice for you. You might choose compartments also if you want to save money or just don't like paying high prices for lodging, don't have much luggage, or are so busy you'd just be using a room to sleep in anyway. Oakhouse compartment rooms start from just 29,000 yen!

COCON Warabi, from 29,000 yen

Roll curtain

2. The basic things you need are here
If you're worried about how well you can live with just your sleeping space, don't worry. You also have a table, refrigerator, lockable shelf, light stand and outlet, hanger, etc. These may be different depending on the house or room, but you can count on having more than just a bed.

Wifi and outlet!

Table, chair, and lockable shelf

3. Easy communication!
Beds are just divided with curtains, so of course you will hear your housemates, but it is a lot easier to socialize with your share mates!

Your own space!

Make friends easily!

4. Women-only spaces available!
You may not mind being so close to other share mates, but if you're a woman hesitant to share such close quarters with other men, don't worry! We have women-only compartment floors too! It may be easier for you to change clothes, do makeup, get ready, etc. on a women-only floor.

Women-only floor

Relaxing in a compartment type

5. Plentiful shared spaces!
What about bathrooms, or kitchen? Compartment type houses have shared spaces too, like lounge, kitchen, shower, and bath. In the kitchen there are dishes and cooking utensils so you can do your own cooking, by yourself or together! It is easy to make a place like this your home.

Spacious lounge!

Nice kitchen!

All ready to cook with kitchen tools

With washer and dryer too!

COCON Warabi merits
It's hard to get a good image in your head when you just hear the word "compartment". It has more private space than a dormitory for much cheaper than a regular single room. Beds are divided by curtains, so you may have to take more care about noise than usual, but with this amount of privacy and security you will probably make new friends in no time. Plus, for a much lower cost! Try it for 1 month and see how you like it. We're waiting for your application!

Privacy with curtains

Your own space

Place to work or study

Shoe boxes