Final Edition

Finally complete! GRAN Nishi-Azabu

Find your own lifestyle in popular Nishi-Azabu

The GRAN series

GRAN share houses are judged by their high rank in location, quality, design, and cleanliness. We wanted to create a sharehouse for young people who have busy working days in Tokyo and want a more grown-up style of living.

It is often quite difficult to find a place to live in Tokyo.
The location might be great, but it's small and dirty; or, it might be beautiful and well-located and designed, but prohibitively expensive. You may often find yourself compromising on certain things you want from a room. We wanted to create the best possible combination of those qualities and erase your worries with this fully-furnished share house, GRAN Nishi-Azabu. It is higher quality than most Oakhouse share houses, so we hope you come check it out.

Gran Nishi-Azabu exterior

Gran Nishi-Azabu entrance

GRAN Nishi-Azabu 1F Share house

Cool and stylish share house
Coming in from the sleek black and red exterior, the walls are wooden and clean. There is a kitchen space, new toilets and Japanese appliances. It's a more upscale share house than one might be used to.

Nice wooden floors in the relaxing lounge

Bathtub and showers

Single rooms have high ceilings for an open feel

Live in Nishi-Azabu for this price?? Affordable dormitory

GRAN Nishi-Azabu, 2~4F Apartment

Make the ideal room to fit your style
With 22.5㎡ of space, these are special one-rooms with 5 different flooring materials. Whether it's a modern style or a contemporary Nordic design, these rooms have been arranged to fit your style.

Modern interior for a hotel-like room

White northern-european style interior with a slightly feminine touch

5 kinds of colorful apartments
5 types of rooms: yellow-green, gray, white, purple, and wood
It's hard to describe them just in words, but we're proud of how the design of these rooms turned out!
It's hard to find rooms like these in Japan without putting in a lot of leg work, but we hope you feel the charm in these colorful rooms. Come enjoy the interior design!


Light gray




Enjoy cooking in the kitchen
Comes with kitchen, unit bathroom, storage, bed, desk, chair, washing machine, refrigerator, microwave, and vacuum cleaner. The internet is Wifi with LAN option. There are balconies too, so you can see Tokyo Tower and Roppongi hills to relax after coming home from work.

Start your lifestyle the moment you move in with a fully-furnished room

Clean private unit bathroom

We asked the manager! FAQ Q&A!

GRAN Nishi-Azabu sign

Is there parking for cars or bikes? How much does it cost?

There is no parking for cars or motorcycles, but there is free bicycle parking.

What is there in the surrounding area?
This is a high-end neighborhood with a lot of famous people, so it's pretty quiet throughout the day and night. There is convenience store, hospital, post office, and bus stop all within 1 to 3 minutes walk from the house. The closest bus stop goes to Shibuya, and you can get to Ebisu in about 10 minutes.

Who lives here?
There are a lot of foreigners, usually freelance or engineers working for foreign companies, but of course also many people that work in the local area.