Final Edition

An artsy share house! Live among art!

A playful space with a Van Gogh-like yellow

An elevated mood in the entrance

Young people today...
Tend to want to spend as little as possible on food, shelter, and clothing! This is probably why share houses have grown to be more popular in recent years. For me, personally, it's the perfect way to keep costs as low as possible, while also having privacy, and social opportunities.

Today we take a look at Gran Yomiuri-Land-mae, which is a share house right up my alley. The one thing I felt most when taking a look around was that it felt like you can live among art. And by that, I mean the way the house is laid out, designed, and furnished.

When I asked the manager what the inspiration for the motif was, they said it was inspired by Van Gogh paintings. Yes, the chrome yellow of the house certainly looks a lot like the hue used in the Starry Night painting! And then there are wood and ivory-colored accents. Maybe it's more like living in an art studio!

1F lounge. The TV sunk elegantly into the wall

The right amount of comfort and distance
The 1F lounge feels open and spacious, and there was clearly careful thought put into the placement of the sofas and tables.

This is apparent when you look at where the TV is. Everyone's line is sight is preserved, whether they're sitting on the sofa, at the table, or anywhere else in the room. There are counter seats and tables, so you can lounge and dine the way you like.

Nice ceramic knobs

A space good for those who value their privacy

1F library, for when you need to focus

A shared study

The library off the entrance has desks for computers so you can have a place to work as well as study. There is really fast wi-fi here too; nuro hikari.

I sat in one of the chairs and noticed that the desks are partitioned nicely, with the bookshelves reaching the ceiling.

It has a natural wooden feel to the room, perfect for work or study. This small room also has an AC. Relaxing, refined, artistic--all these words came to me.

Almost no smell from the smoking room!

Where will you hang out?

There is a smoking room and counter space in a corner of the living room. It looks refined and grown-up. In fact it looked so nice I actually wasn't sure what it was when I first looked at it.

There's a little counter space next to it, if you want to read or eat by yourself. Or whatever, it's your house! There's wi-fi throughout the house too.

Delicious aromas from cooking

Contrasting colors

It's actually hard NOT to keep everything tidy!

There is a gas range and an induction range in this white-and-brown kitchen. It is outfitted with all the kitchen appliances you'll need, all lined up so neatly it almost feels like a museum! It's easy and fun to cook here, and to keep it clean. There are also dishes and cutlery.

Easy to understand drawers. Easy to put things back!

The house is your space

Wifi in the house

Watch on the big screen

The theater room is fully soundproofed, and cozy for a private home theater feel. There is also a massage chair. Just don't fall asleep watching a movie! Haha. The wifi also connects in the theater room, perfect for streaming movies for everyone to watch.

Like a personal gym

Heightened focus
The gym has a big mirror so you can check your dance, yoga, or workout form (or look cool when you're playing guitar or something!). It only fits a few people at a time, but it's still enough to get your workouts done.

Carefully selected interior pieces

Natural accents in the room

Tall closets

Nice rooms
At Gran Yomiuri-Land-mae, you'll stay in a room just like what you see in the photos here, with a desk, bed, and storage, all carefully selected.

Stylish shelves

Why is this house so popular with women?

Hallways like a museum space

Huge entrance. The library is on the right

"It feels so artistic" what I remember thinking. The manager said, "that's not all!" They really think of this as an artsy intellectual space. The manager continued: "They're so popular we don't have any open right now to show you, but there are even rooms with their own toilet and shower." That's half of the 23 rooms. This way you wouldn't have to worry about not having a shower open during the morning rush. Half the residents are women, and they tell Oakhouse they appreciate their own water spaces. The 3rd floor bathroom/shower areas are women only.

Even the pipes look like art

A bright yellow house

Van-Gogh-yellow exterior. Easy to spot from the road!

Editor's notes

Gran Yomiuri-Land-Mae is 28 minutes from Shinjuku, closest to Yomiuri-Land-mae station on the Odakyu line. You can also rent a bicycle for 2,000 yen a month.

The manager told me more: "there are supermarkets near the station, and also really nice hidden-gem cafes and curry shops. Plus you can walk to Yomiuri-Land to see winter illumination, or go to the park itself, or the public baths. It's a quiet place to live too." There's a wood deck by the 1F lounge, and it feels nice to sit out there on a nice day.

On the way back to the station, I took a look back and could immediately see the bright yellow house contrasted against the surroundings. It's a spot of color in a residential canvas. Plus, when you go inside, they've carefully selected all the little things too to create a stimulating space. I hope you'll check it out for yourself and feel something like I felt.

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