Garden Terrace Kamoi [Final Edition]



[Final edition]

Finally complete! Begin your slow life surrounded by blue skies and green trees.

Garden Terrace Kamoi is only 2 stations from Shin-Yokohama on the JR Yokohama line and is next to Lalaport and Yokohama. Take a 7-minute walk from the station, with no hills along a pleasant riverside and you will find the house. You can enjoy a slow, relaxing life at Garden Terrace Kamoi.

Reasons you can relax #1

Great sunlight! Open spaces!
The building gets great sunlight and has open spaces so you can feel fresh air. It's easy to wake up refreshed in the morning here. Hang up your laundry before heading off to work and you will come back to find it completely dry. Enjoy a day off in the lounge with the windows open for a cool breeze.

Garden Terrace Kamoi exterior

Shared lounge

Reasons you can relax #2

Your own shared spaces!
This house is different from other large share houses in that rooms have their own shared space in groups of 3. The building used to be a family-oriented living arrangement for a large company, so there is plenty of space. Shampoo dressers, toilets, showers, all renovated! It is fully and newly outfitted.

Shampoo dresser and washing machine

Shower room

Reasons you can relax #3

3 minute walk to Lalaport and Yokohama!
Just a 3-minute walk from Garden Terrace Kamoi is Lalaport and Yokohama! Yes, only 3 minutes! The Lalaport mall has 370 stores, with brands like ZARA, H&M, Forever 21, Uniqlo, as well as stores for other needs like Nojima Electronics, Tokyu Hands, Ito Yokado. Also, there are lots of trendy bars and restaurants around the station.

Only 3 minutes away!

Outside space for events!

3 types of rooms

3 types of rooms for your needs!
With 12.5 square meters and a balcony facing south, you can arrange the furniture however you like. While the 10sq.m room doesn't have a balcony, it gets great sunlight and air circulation. Or, there is a 2-story room with a slanted roof and an open feeling.

12sq.m south-facing room


Various fun events!

BBQ on the river! Flower viewing! Beer!
Along the Tsurumi riverside, you can go fishing, have a barbecue, or other outdoor activities! The residents BBQ often! There are sakura trees planted alongside so it is perfect during the spring too. Even if it's not during an event or party, it's perfect stroll along the river here, beer in hand.

House manager Fukui, cooking


Live a balanced and relaxed life!

We're waiting for you!
Here you can experience all 4 seasons of the Tsurumi river, or see Mt. Fuji from the bridge. No matter how busy you are day-to-day, you can always come back here to wind down and relax. Wouldn't you want to live here? We are waiting for you to apply!