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Kamoi station is on the JR Yokohama line. Nearby is a Daiei supermarket, convenience stores, drugstores, and more for a convenient daily life. Average Oakhouse share house rent as of March 2019 is 54,000 yen, around the same for other areas on the same line. It is just 20 minutes to Yokohama station. A 7-minute walk from the station is a movie theater, and Ito Yokado/Lalaport shopping center, which is where people like to spend their weekends. With a bus or car you can also get to an IKEA store. It is also near the Tsurumi river when you need to spend time around nature.

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Opened in April 2015! New house in Yokohama close to……

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Station overview

Kamoi station is in Yokohama's Midori ward, and is on the JR Yokohama line. The Yokohama line starts at Higashi-Kanagawa station, or at Sakuragicho if going through to the Negishi line. Some services also head further out to Isogo or Ofuna. The station building was improved in 1998, and sees 39,187 riders daily, ranked number 7 among the 20 Yokohama line stations. There are many factories in the area. The Kamoike Ohashi bridge extends from the station too.

Places to see

The most popular spot near Kamoi is the Lalaport shopping mall. It has fashion stores from all over the world, restaurants, a supermarket, movie theater, salons, a hospital, and more. It is a 7-minute walk from the station and close to highways to people with cars come from far away as well. It covers over 100,000 square meters. It underwent extensive renovations in 2013, renewing 133 shops out of 279 total. It includes the first ZARA HOME, Tommy Bahama, and other popular international stores in Japan. It also has an official Apple Premium Reseller C Smart store.


The Kamoi station area is popular with families, as there are elementary schools, supermarkets, hospitals and more, as well as lower rent prices. They also enjoy the closer access to Yokohama area via bus or train, and the convenient shops nearby. There are lots of fast food places, as well as bakeries, ice cream shops, and more. It is also close to the Tsurumi river and parks when you need to enjoy green and nature.