Royal Hills Takagamine (Kyoto) [House review]




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1st Oakhouse apartment in Kansai!

House in Kyoto's Kita ward!

1st Oakhouse apartment in Kansai!

Oakhouse is opening its first apartment in the Kansai area, in Kita ward in Kyoto city, called Royal Hills Takagamine. And just like all Oakhouse apartments, it's fully furnished with furniture and appliances, and of course there is no key money or agency fee, and you don't need a guarantor or renewal fee! Plus, since you don't have to make your own utility contracts, you can start your new lifestyle the moment you move in!

Fully furnished - furniture and appliances!

Fully furnished!
The room has everything you need for your apartment life, including a bed, desk, chair, and refrigerator. Plus, there is a washing machine, microwave, electric kettle, TV, vacuum cleaner, and Apply TV (please sign up for Apple ID yourself)!

Spacious, with a balcony

Refrigerator and microwave included

Washing machine provided

Unit bathroom

Convenient IH stove top

With Apple TV!

The charm of Takagamine

Traditional Kyoto soy sauce, since 1805
Matsuno Shoyu

This is a very old shop in Kyoto, started in 1805.
Diagonally across from the house and a small walk away is this nice smelling soy sauce maker.
Here you can try different varieties of soy sauce, from dark to light, or yuzu flavored, even.

With all these different kinds, you may wonder just how best to use them... fear not! You can ask the staff to give recommendations of ways to use them in your cooking!
In addition to soy sauce, they also sell different varieties of miso paste as well.

Traditional looking shop

So many different kinds

Matsuno Shoyu
Kyoto, Kyoto city, Kita ward, Takagamine Dotenjocho 21

High-quality vegetables used by Japanese restaurants all over the country
Higuchi Noen

Higuchi Noen has been in business for around 400 years! Hard to even imagine!
They grow between 30 to 40 different kinds of vegetables throughout the year, including Takagamine peppers, Kamo eggplants, and Takagamine onions.
The vegetables from this farm are in high demand from restaurants around Japan, so much so that they are overwhelmed with orders. However, if you go there directly, you can probably buy some for yourself!
Plus, it's just a few minute's walk from Royal Hills Takagamine!
(We visited around noon, but they were already almost sold out!)

Fresh, local Kyoto produce

Higuchi Noen
Kyoto, Kyoto city, Kita ward, Takagamine Dotenjocho 5

High-quality Kyoto sweets

A Japanese sweets shop opened in 1967, it has been featured in Japanese travel TV shows.
We recommend their famous sweet called odoimochi.
Of course there are tons more, and they make perfect gifts.

You can enjoy your sweets on the bench outside

Their selection, including their famous odoimochi

Kyoto, Kyoto city, Kita ward, Takagamine, Kyudoicho 1-203

Station shopping mall Kitaoji Town
Kitaoji station, Kitaoji VIVRE

Connected to Kitaoji station on the Karasuma line with the bus terminal is the shopping center Vivre. There are restaurants, a supermarket, clothing, accessories, various goods, books, electronics, and even a fitness club! It is convenient so you don't have to go all the way to Kyoto station or Kawaramachi, just stick around Kitaoji station! You could spend a day shopping here, go to the gym, have lunch along the Kamo river, read a book... :)

Kitaoji Town

Many different varieties of liquor

Fitness club

100-yen shop

Kitaoji Town
Kyoto, Kyoto city, Kita ward, Koyama-Kitakamifusacho 49-1

Free rental bicycles coming soon!

A must-have item in Kyoto!
Kyoto is always bustling, so it's convenient to get around on bicycle. This way you can easily get to the stores you need, or famous landmarks. Hopefully it will make it easier for you to find hidden gems of shops and cafes!
We hope to begin providing rental bicycles soon. Plus, they're electrically assisted, meaning it's easier to climb the many hills of Kyoto! You'll be able to cover a lot more of Kyoto than you would be able to on foot.

Biking in Kyoto is a special experience

*Picture is a sample.
Actual rental bicycles may differ.

Take in the world heritage of ancient Kyoto.

17 world heritage sites in Kyoto
There are 17 world heritage sites in Kyoto prefecture. Around Royal Hills Takagamine you can find Kinkakuji, Ryoanji, Kamigamo Shrine, and many more shrines and temples. Some of them are bustling with tourists, and some are quiet and relaxing spots. They are often full of trees and plants, so you can be close to nature and history at the same time.

Kinkakuji, one of Kyoto's most famous spots


The "window of enlightenment" at Genkoan temple

Lively Kamo riverside

Find your new favorite place

A very Kyoto-like scene

Ask the manager! Q&A

Below you will find questions we often get.

Q: Is there bicycle or car parking?

Bicycle parking is free. Even if you do not have a bicycle of your own, please feel free to rent one. Car parking can be found nearby for a monthly fee.

Q: Is there bicycle parking at the station?

By the station there is bicycle parking for 150 yen per day.

Q: What is the area around the apartment life?

The house is in a quiet residential neighborhood, with a greengrocer and soy sauce shop nearby. There are many shrines and temples within walking distance, and we hope you will take advantage of free bicycle rental to make your daily life shopping easier. We think you will enjoy walking or biking around and exploring.

Editor's notes

So what do you think of Royal Hills Takagamine?
We hope you will consider living in Kyoto, so close to Japan's rich history and traditional culture. The more you explore, the more interesting places you will find that aren't listed in any guide book. Plus, the apartment is fully furnished, so you can begin your Kyoto life the moment you move in. Stays start from as short as 1 month. We at Oakhouse support you as you begin your new lifestyle in Kyoto!

Royal Hills Takagamine exterior