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Kitaoji station is a station on the Kyoto Municipal Subway Karasuma line, which is often busy serving commuters morning and evening. Nearby you can find the Kyoto Botanical Garden and the Kamo river. Average Oakhouse apartment rent is 45,000 yen, centered around a quiet and convenient neighborhood. From here you can take a pleasant stroll along the Kamo river, or visit many temples and shrines.

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Station overview

Kitaoji station on the Kyoto Municipal Subway Karasuma line is in Kita ward in Kyoto city. It boasts the most daily riders north of Marutamachi, 30,000 per day. The station opened at the same time as the Karasuma line itself, in 1981, and at the time it was the first station. In 1990 the line then expanded out to Kitayama. It lies at the crossroads of Kitaoji road (national highway 367) and Karasuma road. This station is also part of the Kitaoji bus terminal, and the above-ground Kitaoji Town shopping center. The station sees more and more use as the years go on. It does not connect with any other train line, but by taking a bus from the terminal you can get to many sightseeing spots easily.

Things to see

There are many things to see from Kitaoji station. Take a short walk to the Kyoto Botanical Gardens to see many examples of nature over 24 hectares, with 12,000 species and other 120,000 plants you can enjoy throughout the seasons. Enjoy the greenhouse and the forest areas. The Gardens see 900,000 visitors annually, the most in Japan for a botanical garden. Another spot is the Kamo River Park. It lies along the Kamo river, providing a refreshing feeling in Kyoto. There are places to work out and a jogging course. The Kamo River delta is used as a location for many movies. The river area was developed after a large flood after a period of heavy rain 10 years after the Showa period began. Along the banks there are cherry trees, pine trees, maples, hackberry trees, and more.


Kitaoji station lies within the Rakuhoku area in the north of Kyoto city. Around the station you can find shopping, such as at Kitaoji Vivre. It is somewhat removed from the bustling areas of Shijo-Kawaramachi and Sanjo, so it is a comparatively quiet area where you can enjoy a Kyoto atmosphere. It is a popular area so rent prices are not exactly cheap, but it will be easier to find a place to rent here than in the center of the city. Everything you will need day to day can be found around the station, and for anything else you can easily take the subway to Shijo or Kyoto stations. From there, you can also change to other lines, and from Kitaoji there are many buses, which is also a convenient option. It's not too city, not too country. It's a good lifestyle for commuters.