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Final Edition

Perfect for a first share house! A relaxing place to live

A grown-up place to live

Pizza oven in the kitchen

Chic lounge with counter kitchen

Relaxing lounge. The flowers are from a resident

Premiere Matsudo is a nice simple share house, with verandas on all the single rooms. There is a pizza oven in the kitchen, perfect for baking pizza or bread. There are only a few spaces, but there is even parking space for cars. It is a perfectly-sized house with 39 rooms, with plenty of opportunities to speak English or Japanese with fellow roommates in the lounge, or spend time on your own relaxing.

For private time, or community time, at your own pace

Nice entrance with an open atmosphere

Simple exterior. 3 floors

Car parking lot with shutter. Ask about openings

Premiere Matsudo is a 3-floor building in a quiet neighborhood. It is a 9-minute walk from Kita-Kogane station, and from here on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line you can get to Otemachi or other places. It is only 2 stops from Kashiwa station, which has lots of shopping centers. It's a great place to live if you are concerned about cost-performance.

Convenient shared facilities

Spacious theater room

Bright study room

Smoking room

Shared spaces include the wash basins and bathrooms, as well as theater room on the 2nd floor and study space on the 3rd floor. The theater room has a good sound system and is soundproofed. When we were there, a resident was using the projector to play a video game on a big screen. Looked fun!

Meeting new people

Lounge with big windows

Big TV, big sofas, big ottoman

Cafe space, with convenient electrical sockets!

The lounge has large windows, high ceiling, and glass block design. Here at the international style Premiere Matsudo, you can meet people from all over in the lounge. They hold events such as Christmas parties, as well as resident birthday parties or themed home parties. It's an easy place to make good friends. One of the residents brought home some flowers they received at work and used them to decorate the table, which helped us feel what is so great about a share house.

Kitchen with IH stove, and pizza oven!

Beautiful kitchen, and spacious

3 system kitchens with pizza oven and healsio microwave oven

The kitchen extends past the counter. It's very bright, and its best feature is the pizza oven. You don't have just just cook pizza: it's good for cooking various things, like bread, salisbury steaks, or anything that needs an oven. It's just fun to cook here.
There are 3 system kitchen units so there's usually an opening to cook. Plus there is an IH stove and a gas stove for your convenience. There are cooking appliances like rice cookers and healsio microwave ovens for pleasant cooking.

Gas pizza oven. Over 300 degrees!

Check other things you can use every day

Helpful name plates for places on each floor

Wash basins. Laundry space in the back

Womens bath room and large Japanese bath

Other than the kitchen, you will definitely use water every day. At Premiere Matsudo, there are 8 shared sinks, and 6 womens only sinks. There are 5 shared toilets and 3 women-only ones (women only ones on the 2nd floor). Plus there is a Japanese-style bath in the women-only area that can fit 4 or 5 people easily! What a cool luxury to have at home.

Veranda in the private room!

Model room


1F corner room

The private rooms have an air conditioner, single bed, desk, chair, and refrigerator. There is also plenty of storage space.
The best part is definitely the veranda. Here you can easily dry your clothes. It helps make for an open and sunny feeling in the room.


The lounge is decorated with lots of little details like ovals, curved lines, glass blocks, brock and wood. That's why I feel like Premiere Matsudo feels pretty grown-up. Plus with a pizza oven and large Japanese bath, it's elegant but not too over-luxurious. It's a nice small community of 39 people, so it's a good first-time share house if you've never lived in one before. Here you can find a share house with an at-home feel.
(writer: kana haruta)

Glass blocks