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Oak Explorers

Oak Explorers: Ohanajaya

Oak Explorers: Ohanajaya

"Ohanajaya" means, roughly, "flower tea house". It's 15 minutes to Nippori station or 20 to Ueno. Our new house in this area, Premiere Ohanajaya, is just a 2-minute walk from the station.
There is plentiful storage space in the single rooms, as well as large apartment-type rooms! So, what is Ohanajaya like? Ito from marketing and Oakhouse residents Yanyan and Akki took a look around for us!

The closest station is Ohanajaya station on the Keisei line

Shopping street extending from the station

Ohanajaya is in Tokyo's Katsushika ward, which you might not have heard of. But it has good access to the rest of the city and plenty of convenient shops. Head outside the station and you'll see this shopping street, with places to eat and drink, convenience stores, supermarkets, greengrocers, drugstores, and plenty more for your day-to-day life.

Steak and Hamburg Critter Mountain

Like a dream...?!
This red sign says Steak & Hamburg. We couldn't ignore it: we suddenly wanted to eat meat!

Critter Mountain

When we entered the restaurant a pretty waitress greeted us with a smile and led us inside. It was more than we could have imagined. The interior was like stepping into another world of wood. Yanyan and Akki remarked that it felt like a secret hideout in the forest! Were we in a theme park, or a grill? Come check out the mood for yourself!

The staff recommended the Critter Mountain steak. You can choose the size, starting from 150g. The lunch set comes with rice and soup. The medium-rare steak was soft and went great with their original sauce. They also have a Japanese-style hamburger steak with plum and vegetables, that was so juicy! The food and decor are both great and treats for your tongue and your eyes. Residents of Ohanajaya must love this place!

Critter Mountain Steak

Real trees make up the dining space

Steak&Humburg Critter Mountain
URL:Steak&Humburg Critter Mountain
1-15-9, Ohanajaya, Katsushika, Tokyo

Ohanajaya Park

A relaxing park
Take a short walk from Premiere Ohanajaya to find a relaxing park nearby. You'll see people just relaxing, children playing, and enjoying the day. There are many benches so you'll be able to find a spot to sit and enjoy, whether you're by yourself, with friends, or on a date. There are many beautiful flowers that bloom around here too.
As an aside, this park is the place everyone is supposed to gather when there is a disaster or emergency, so it's good that it's a nice place so close by!

Our residents enjoying the park!

So many cute benches!

This is where everyone gathers in the event of an emergency!

Ohanajaya Park
URL:Ohanajaya Park
1-12, Ohanajaya, Katsushika, Tokyo

Yakitori Hanadori

Yakitori Hanadori

Among the shops in the shopping district is Yakitori Hanadori. In the showcase you can see ground meat, skin, thigh, green onion, and other kinds of yakitori. They can warm it up for you and you get a choice of salt or sauce for flavors. We had gotten a little hungry after the park, and when we commented on how tasty everything looked, the owner was proud to confirm it! This place is popular and they usually sell out by evening. If you're a bit peckish and happen to pass by, definitely don't miss out.

Yakitori Hanadori
URL:Yakitori Hanadori
Dai Ni Moto Bldg. 1-24-2 Ohanajaya Katsushika Tokyo

Uokou Honten

Uokou Honten

Fresh fish and side dishes!
We came across this spacious shop with lots of fresh fish and just had to check it out. The staff will tell you the freshest fish and their recommendations. They not only handle fresh fish but also fish prepared and preserved in different ways, as well as many different side dishes! Also, they can grill your fish right there for you. What a nice service! If you want to eat fish but can't or won't cook it, drop by Uokou and see what they have!

They will grill your fish right there!

Not just fresh fish, but side dishes too!

Uokou Honten
URL:Uokou Honten
1-13-10 Ohanajaya, Katsushika, Tokyo

Fresh baked bread Pane Furiyan

All kinds of bread!

We were looking for something sweet to eat, so we headed to this bakery! They have so many different kinds of bread that it was hard to make a decision! The most popular one here is raisin bread. We all bought our own bread and enjoyed it in the lounge at Premiere Ohanajaya!

Fresh Bread, Pane Furiyan

Some breakfast options!

Pane Furiyan
URL:Pane Furiyan
1-27-2 Ohanajaya, Katsushika, Tokyo

The End

Shopping street

Yanyan and Akki, taking pictures of a cat

So, that was the Oak Explorers' report on Premiere Ohanajaya! If you hadn't heard of it before, we'll say it again: it has great access to the rest of the city, there are plenty of places to shop and eat, and it's a warm and friendly town. We couldn't cover everything in this report, but there are also a cafe with breakfast menu, Spanish and Italian restaurants, sweets shop with cute terrace, and Indian curry! There's a convenient supermarket, but we also recommend checking out the individual local greengrocers, fruit stands, and fish shops to get great local fresh food. We hope all this is enough for you to enjoy a nice share house lifestyle in Premiere Ohanajaya!