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Oak Explorers: Warabi

Oak Explorers: Warabi

The Oak Explorers head out to show you some great spots in Warabi city. It is 23 minutes from Ikebukuro by train on the JR Keihin Tohoku line, Warabi station. Ito from marketing, first-time Explorer and house manager Shinozaki, and Oakhouse resident Ayano explore!

Easy access to Tokyo or Omiya

Warabi, east exit

Charms of Warabi
You may not have heard of Warabi city. In fact it's a hard Chinese character to read. But you can get to Ikebukuro from here in 23 minutes by changing trains at Akabane, or get to Omiya station in 16. In other words it has great access to the rest of Tokyo too. It's the smallest city in Japan with a large population! So what is there to find in Warabi?

Warabi east exit: many chain stores

Many chain restaurants!

Cost-effective eats!
Outside the east exit is a supermarket open from 6am to 2am, and many chain restaurants, and sushi. Perfect for any situation.

Relaxed west exit of Warabi

Stroll down a historic street
Different from the modern bustle of the chain restaurants, outside the west exit you will find a more relaxed feel. The main shopping street has many boutiques, shops, and cafes, and the street hosts seasonal festivals and Halloween events. Along the smaller street you will find the historic Nakasendo, a traveling path from the Edo period. It has a unique Japanese feel!

Shopping street

Historic Nakasendo

History museum in Warabi

Japanese liquor store

Nakasendo Warabi shopping street

Sanuki udon Shikokuya

Refreshing Japanese space
This is a place that specializes in traditional udon-making. We sat by the big open window. Shinozaki ordered zaru udon, and Ayano ordered tempura udon. The noodles were reeeeally long, and made by hand! Soft, chewy, and delicious. During the afternoon they have donburi options too. In the evenings they have course menus and a large alcohol list too!

Unique udon shop

Ayano, surprised at the noodles

2-8-6 Kitamachi, Warabi, Saitama

Kudamono no Nakatsu

This store sells local Saitama produce. The building looks like an old Japanese house.
There are cold drinks out front, so Shinozaki bought a cold ramune soda. He said it was like being a kid again!
See what else they have throughout the seasons!

Grocer along the Nakasendo

Cold drinks

Nakasendo Warabi shopping area


Handmade Sembei Manjuya

Take a break with Japanese snacks
Sembei shop Manjuya along Nakasendo is 150 years old. They have a showcase showing their many different types of snacks along the counter. We chose sembei wrapped in seaweed. You can also eat inside. They also have shaved ice, soft-serve, and shirotama zensai. Enjoy them with Japanese tea!

You can eat in the shop too!

For gifts, or yourself!

Sembei Manjuya
2-10-9 Kitamachi Warabi Saitama

Konkisan Sangakuin

Warabi's biggest temple
This temple has statues and areas dedicated to praying for raising children, fire prevention, good luck, salvation, and illness prevention. Further within are more buildings dedicated to the Nio guardians and Amida Buddha. There are many beautiful sights here, it's almost like being in Kyoto! You can spend some nice time reflecting and walking around here.

Kintosan Sangakuin

People put miso on the statues eyes to pray for eye health

Nio gate, copying their poses

Beautiful temple in Saitama!

3-2-4 Kitamachi Warabi Saitama

Hachi-hachi Bagel

Bagels and muffins
This bagel and muffin shop first opened the day before we came exploring! They bake items with many ingredients such as cheese, satuma potato, sesame, raisins, burdock root, and more. We had a hard time choosing!

Nice white building

Hard time choosing bagels

Hachi-hachi Bagel Warabi
3-3-13-A Chuo Warabi Saitama

Cafe Crown

Old fashioned cafe
We wanted to take a break from walking around, so we ducked into this old-fashioned cafe. We had drinks and pudding a la mode. It's a very nice and relaxing cafe, you could even go by yourself. They have a morning menu, pilaf, omuraisu, napolitan pasta, and more.

Heading inside

Relaxing with something sweet

Cafe Crown
3-19 Shibashinmachi Warabi Saitama

Editor's notes

We hope you enjoyed as we explored this little-known city. We had fun! It has a deep history and we found so much just walking around. We found so many other nice places that we couldn't fit into this report as well. It's a place that mixes the new with the old. We hope you've taken an interest in Warabi too!

Manga and internet cafe

Popular bento shop

Simple and chic cafes

Choosing bagels