Social Residence Kami-Kitazawa [Final Edition]




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Final Edition

Social Residence Kami-Kitazawa: Finished!

Social Residence Kami-Kitazawa Grand Openin

Our first brand new house in Tokyo built from the ground up! And only a 2-minute walk from the station!
To Shinjuku on the Keio line with no transfers in 13 minutes, close to supermarket and convenience store, and convenient. All rooms single rooms for your privacy.
Come check it out!

Nice lounge and dining room

Wide open lounge

Cafe-like kitchen and lounge
It's easy to get to know people when hanging out or eating at the large table in the relaxing and bright lounge.
Chat, hang out, read a book on the terrace... there are plenty of ways to enjoy this new house.

Great kitchen with all the cooking tools you need

Enjoy cooking in the new clean kitchen

Dishes and cooking utensils

You'll want to cook in this kitchen!
With a hi-spec Healsio cooking machine, Balmuda toaster, and more, you'll love cooking here! Since it's a completely new house, we designed and stocked the kitchen to our liking, and hopefully for your enjoyment! There's plenty of room for several people to cook at once, too.
In addition, there is a hot plate for pancakes, or a takoyaki maker as well. Perfect for parties!

Brand new building! With elevator

The world map greets you at the entrance


Relaxing private space: 3 types of rooms

All rooms have balcony and wifi
We have 3 types of rooms, broadly evoking the sense of travel you may feel traveling through Asia, America, and Europe. The 3rd floor has semi-double beds.
Also, at Social Residence Kami-Kitazawa, all rooms have wifi!
*The pictures are of the 3 room types.

European style, gentle wood design

Asian style, relaxing in brown

American style, stylish wallpaper

Separate bathrooms

Sharehouse with a bathtub
This sharehouse has a bathtub, so you can soak and relax, as well as brightly-lit sinks.

2 bathtubs, 1 for men and 1 for women

2 mens/womens bathrooms on each floor

Enchanting evenings, or relax on the terrace in the afternoon

There are other convenient facilities as well. There is free bicycle parking, and you can even park a scooter here. There is a package-receiving box so you do not have to miss any more packages.
*Bicycle parking requires an application. Motorbike parking is 3000 yen per month.

Lit-up terrace


Covered bicycle parking

Just 2 minutes from the station!

Right next to the station!
Go out the north exit of Kami-kitazawa station on the Keio line, turn left, turn left again at the Family Mart, go about 60 meters... and it's on the right! A short and easy walk back home, no matter the time.

Shops on the other side of the tracks

There's a 7-Eleven further, too.

A word from the manager

The charms of Social Residence Kami-Kitazawa
This is a house where it will be easy to make friends. It's brand new, close to the station, and within 20 minutes to Shinjuku or Shibuya.
Get a bike and get to Shimo-Kitazawa in just 20 minutes.
If you are looking for a relaxing yet social place, Kami-Kitazawa might be best for you.
There are a supermarket, drug store, convenience store, bento shop, and other convenient shops nearby. You can also walk to the next stations, either Sakurajosui or Hachiman-yama station, in about 10 minutes, which can be good excercise!
We hope you come check out what it has to offer!

The Central-South Area managers are waiting for you!