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Oak Explorers

Oak Explorers: What kind of place is Higashi-Totsuka?

Open November 2015!

Social Residence Higashi-Totsuka opened in November 2015.
The closest station in Higashi-Totsuka on the Tokaido line. Higashi-Totsuka used to lie right along the important Tokaido line that used to run between Tokyo and Osaka, and we went and explored various shops in the area! The area is just outside Yokohama city in an area known for its greenery. There is a shopping center run by Daiei called Aurora City, and several cafes and Spanish bars, and craft beer made at Kawakami Terrace. Several Oakhouse managers made a special report!

Large shopping mall outside Higashi-Totsuka station

Aurora City outside the station

150 stores

First, there's Aurora City, a shopping center right outside the station. It has 150 stores centered around Daiei, with clothing and food floors. It has LOFT, Mujirushi, GAP, and more. What surprised us the most was the escalator that went directly from the 4th to the 7th floor! We headed to our destination.

Famous shop in Higashi-Totsuka

Spanish cuisine, Ibiza
And here it is! Spanish cuisine Ibiza.

The master told us they had been operating in Higashi-Totsuka for 33 years.
The menu changes frequently, but there is a special lunch course.
For 1,620 yen, you get an appetizer plate, big Spanish omelet, and a main course (this time it was chicken and tomato, but since there were 4 of us we also got a shrimp ajillo), as well as a big seafood paella! Everyone will be pleased by the volume of food for the price. But thanks to this meal, we were now really full...where to next?

Cute sign made from corks

Lunch paella

Oakhouse staff girls

A farm in Higashi-Totsuka??

Hida Farm Ice Cream Shop
Next, we went to Hida Farm Ice Cream Shop. This is a farm in Higashi-Totsuka with 28 cows, where they make gelato and soft-serve from fresh milk! The store is strangely located, as 3 freight train lines fan out from Higashi-Totsuka station and the shop is situated somewhere around there... but it is also surrounded by big trees and has a countryside feel. We thought we wouldn't be able to eat any more, but as they say, there's always room for dessert. There is a deck at the shop where we could eat our ice cream, and it made us feel like we were on a far-off adventure.

Ice Cream Shop

Soft serve

Italian gelato

The staff with ice cream

Great view from the deck!

A break in Akibadai Park

After our meal, we went to Akibadai park for a short rest. It's sort of a hilly park, so you'll get a nice bit of exercise. There is a viewing deck on a hill from which you can see the night view of Totsuka. You can see what this might look like on the website YAKEI INFO. Unfortunately we were only here for the day so we wouldn't be able to stay to see the night view, but if you live here, come check it out!

Staff enjoying the view

View from the deck

Café bio à Higashi Totsuka

Natural Yeast Bakery and Cafe Akubi

Having burned off some of the food we ate, we next headed to the Bakery and Cafe Akubi. This is a veggie cafe with organic ingredients and no animal products. Everyone from kids to adults can enjoy the menu here. It's such a relaxing cafe that you might catch yourself yawning--fitting, since Akubi means yawn!

Cafe Akubi

Organic food

All-organic ingredients

Manager Fukui, enjoying it very much

Manager Fukui's favorite places

What is great about Higashi-Totsuka?

And that's our report about Higashi-Totsuka! There are lots of cute shops and families out and about. It's a place you'll want to come home to after a long day working in the city, perhaps. We hope you choose to live at Social Residence Higashi-Totsuka and enjoying sharing this lifestyle with your share mates. We are waiting for you to contact us!

The staff. Manager Fukui loves holding events!